In Taiwan this week, an election was held and the parliament did not like the results, so fighting broke out in the legislature. The sitting president was re-elected by less than 1% and the opposition party decided that the election was too close and protest and clashes with riot police broke out. The opposing party will file a law suit to have an election recount.

British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had an historic meeting with Libyan president, Colonel Kaddafi this week. Mr. Blair was the first head of state to visit that country since sanctions from the United Nations and the United States were imposed. This is a sign that relations with the world are getting back to normal, since Libya decided to abandon their quest for nuclear weapons.

The European Union, meeting in Brussels this week, has decided to push ahead with a constitution. This movement has come about because of the recent bombings in Madrid and by back door diplomacy by the Irish contingent. They are hoping to have a constitution by June.

The Israeli goverment killed a Hamas leader  this week. Condemnation has come from all quarters of the world. The founder of Hamas was a leading religious leader for the Palestinians in the Middle East.

The United States has vetoed a United Nations statement condemning the killing of the Hamas cleric by Israel. This move by our U.N. ambassador has furthur strengthened the Muslims resolve to target the Americans and to suggest that we are trying to rid the world of all Muslims.

In American politics the battle for the White House has put the Bush administration on the defensive as hearings are held by the commision to probe into the 911 disaster. A former Clinton and Bush terrorism chief has come out with a book about Mr. Bush's lack of focus on the real threat of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. The families of the victims of 911 walked out on the hearings because of the National Security Advisor's failure to appear at the hearings. Ms. Rice invoked "executive priviledge" in order not to testify in an open hearing.

There it is, another week in politics from around the world. See ya next week.