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Let's take a look at the political happenings around the world.

Saudi Arabia -  al-Qaida militants beheaded an American hostage this week. This is the second American to die this way while being held. Militants holding a American contractor beheaded him and posted pictures on an Arab website. The Unites States and most other countries around the world were outraged by this event. Vice-President Dick Cheney vowed that the United States would hunt down those responsible for the killings and bring them to justice.

European Union -  The EU has reached a deal for a new constitution. The final draft was voted on by all 25 states and was passed. The next step is for each nation to ratify the document.

Malawi -  A deal that gives President Bingu wa Mutharika a majority in this African nation's Parliament was a total surprise. The deal was struck after presidential candidate Gwanda Chakuamba decided not to pursue his legal challenge against last May's election results. Mr. Chakuamba has taken a post in the new government.

Afghanistan - A militia commander, Abdul Salaam Khan, took over a provincial capital and forced its governor to flee to a neighboring province. After attacking and taking the Ghor province's capital city of Chaghcharan, Mr. Khan's forces now control the city.  American war planes have been spotted flying over the city.

Japan -  The Japanese cabinet has approved a plan to allow its troops in a multi-national force in Iraq. These troops will be used strictly in non-combatant roles after the June 30th handover to the Iraqi government. Most Japanese citizens do not support the use of troops in Iraq.

Australia -  Australian Prime Minister, John Howard's case for going to war in Iraq has come under attack by the opposition Labor Party. Using the 9-11 commission's report, that there was no link between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein, the Labor Party spokesman has called for the removal of troops from Iraq. The Labor Party leader, Mark Latham, has vowed to remove troops if he wins the general election later this year.

So ends another week in around the world politics. See you next week!


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