World - G8 summit extends debt relief at the end of their meeting this week in the United States. The G8 leaders voted to extend debt relief to the poorer countries of the world. The G8 countries are made up of the wealthiest countries in the world.

United States - Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, died this week in his home in California. He was 93. Mr. Reagan was  President when the Berlin Wall fell. This event signified the end of the so-called "Cold War." When the "Wall" fell this united East and West Germany.

President Bush said at the G8 summit  that he never authorized the illegal interrogations of prisoners. His comment came when asked by a reporter at the G8 press conference. Mr.Bush's administration has come under intense pressure because of the recent revelations of prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Zimbabwe - The minister in charge of land reform, John Nkomo, says that all land titles are void and that land in that country will be set up on 99 year leases. Critics of this policy have said that this is the reason for food shortages in this African nation. Many countries have this policy.

France - President Chirac has put a damper on President Bush's plan to have NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) take a more active role in Iraq after the handover on June 30th. Mr. Chirac said that the only way NATO would expand their role in Iraq is if the new Iraqi government would request assistance.

Israel - The Israeli cabinet has approved Mr. Sharon's plan for the Gaza pullout of troops and settlements. In a vote of 14-7, the cabinet has put approval on the plan. A final vote is needed before any settlements are disbanded.

So ends another week in world politics. Keep your eye on the world, and see ya' next week!