It would seem that the choices are going to be Kerry vs Bush in November of 2004 in the American election. Mr. Bush is the sitting President and Mr. Kerry is to be the challenger.

Mr. Kerry has not won his parties nomination yet, but has not is the favorite to opppose Mr. Bush in November. Let us look at these two men. Mr Bush won the job in 2000 by a contraversial vote in Florida. It was later determined that he actually did win in Florida. Since he has been in office, we have had the worst economy in 20 years and we are in a war that the world does not approve of. He is a southener whose family has been in politics for most of his life. He is a oil-man by trade, who did own part of the Texas Rangers baseball team. He has shown some leadership by his handling of the 911 crisis, but overall his administration has done very little to help the American middle class. He has proposed a very dangerous policy to spend trillions on a missle defense system that would escalate the nuclear threat and also has proposed a budget that would have our great-grandchildren paying for his spending now. He has bullied his way into a war that is costing the American taxpayers billions and did this without world support. His motives for this war are now being questioned by the American public as well as his own people.

Mr Kerry is a senator from New england that has been in the senate for 22 years. He is a decorated veteran of Viet Nam. In his campaign he has courted the traditional democratic vote of veterans and labor unions. He says he wants health care for all U.S. citizens, but has not come up with a way to pay for it. He is saying that he is more envoirmentally freindly.He wants a change in foreign policy advocating a more U.N. approach. He says he wants more civil rights and will end th "Ashcroft" era in civil rights and is against a constitutional amendment banning "gay" marriage. He has never been anywhere but the senate and has no experience running a state let alone a country. He is married to the wife of the late senator, John Heinz of Pennsylvania.

This election seems to shaping up to be as close as 2000. We have two men who seem to have two differing views of the United States. Mr Bush has a view that if you take care of the wealthy and business that this will trickle down to everyone else. Mr Kerry seems to have the view of tradional democratic values, goverment involvement in social issues and tax to pay for these programs. It will come down to who you believe and what course you want for America for the next 4 years. As we have seen in 2000 your vote does count.This election could come down to who gets people out to vote.