America is very sports oriented and we see it this way. Some think that winning is the only thing and we must crush the opposition to be successful. I see it differently. Winning is waking up, having a good day and doing what you are supposed to do to get through the day. Our leaders see it the other way. They see winning as the only way.

Mr Bush on the war on terror sees it as crushing the opponent and winning the day. But what if we took another approach? Look at Mr Geldof conquering world hunger with Live Aid 2. If we could get the world fed and healthy, is that another way of winning? You must ask yourself, is the Christian way better than the Muslim way of life? That is in the eye of the beholder. I do not doubt that the bulk of Christians, Jews and Muslims are decent hardworking people just trying to get through life. They are concerned with feeding their family and the freedom to worship their God. Their idea of winning is getting food on the table and watching their grandchildren playing in the street.

The approach of our current administration is not working, don't we owe it to our children and future generations to seek another path? I think that the majority of the world sees it that way. The words of the great coach, Vince Lombardi, are not the way we want our world to be in the future. Winning is not the only thing, it is doing the best we can and making the right choices in life.