Yes, we've all dreamed of the day when we can give the one-fingered salute to our bosses, leave the shackles of our working lives behind and retire on our own deserted island in the Maldives, right? OK, so maybe for some it's the Seychelles but the premise is still the same. But how can we make this a reality by avoiding all those "hard work" shenanigans that are tedious and boring?

Selling your kidneys aside, we've a couple of ideas to get your bank account fuller, faster and without having to do any real work to get there. Are they tried, tested and guaranteed, no! But they're better than anything you can come up with, so you've nothing to lose.

Online Casinos

With a very low house edge and the ability to make some life-changing money in an instance, you could certainly have worse ideas than playing at online casinos. And with so many different ways to win, finding the games that are more in your favour is the key to winning over working.

Thousands of casinos now exist online which is great news for us as they are all fighting for our attention. They're not stupid either; they know that nothing grabs our attentiveness faster than the prospect of free money, so many offer some great bonuses to lure us in. Yes, they're there as a dangling carrot, but that doesn't mean you can't use them to your advantage. You can sign-up for as many online sites as you wish and many will offer some great bonuses to all new accounts, so it's a great place to start.

And learning some new skills when it comes to card or dice games doesn't hurt either. Did you know that blackjack has the lowest house edge around? And, no one can see that you're counting cards when you're playing from the comfort of home. Blackjack strategies that tell you the mathematical best way to proceed when every card is dealt can really help, as can fine-tuning your poker skills. Playing Hold'em online is perfect for beginners whom lack the ability to really fool anyone with their poker face; and you don't need one at all online.

Also, many slots have a return-to-player that exceeds 95%, so the chances of profiting are higher. You can easily find some great sites, just check this link, or spend hours hunting around the net. Just make sure you always play with the highest coins on offer; it increases your chances!


And Plan B; the lazy mans stock market, now is a great time to empty your long-term deposit in the bank and actually make some interest with it. Crypto has long been seen as the money-pit for geeks and nerds worldwide, but looking at the facts could just prove otherwise.

Bitcoin, the staple in anyones Crypto account, has increased by 405% in the last 12 months, and has been adopted as an official currency in at least 2 countries thus far, with four more due by the years end. Others, like Solana, have increased by an incredible 9900%. Yes, you may have missed the boat but that doesn't mean you can't catch up and continue to make some profit.

The future of money has even caught the eye of the banking hierarchy with many high street banking corporations investing millions in it. They still say it's a fools errand, but why would they put their money where their mouth isn't, if they really believed that.

Like anything, do your research, never borrow to invest and don't play with more money than you can seriously afford to lose and you could just find yourself a whole lot closer to that island life in twelve months time!