If you wish to do business in a particular country, you can't apply the same tricks and strategies you would deploy in another country in China. There are a lot of ways by which doing business in China is way different from that of doing business in another part of the world. You need to obtain a China visa for doing business and this isn't the only thing, there are a lot of other things as well.  

High Levels of Political Interference 

When you plan to do business in China, you can see that there is a whole lot of political interference. In other countries, a lot of policies are framed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a capitalist. Whereas, if you plan on doing business in China, you can get to see that you will have to satisfy every requirement of the political agenda. The Institutional Framework for businesses is very vast and varied. You need to get a lawyer and those who are aware of the know-how to do business in China if you wish to make it big. This level of political guidance isn't required in other Asian countries.  

Highly difficult to penetrate  

You shouldn't assume that it's easy to convince buyers based out of China to buy products from you. It isn't easy to understand the consumer mindset in China as you can't obtain the data very easily. The data regulations in place in China are very strong and you can't get the data of the people residing in China very easily. You need to sign a lot of documents and complete many procedures to get personal data. To operate any business without having an account of the data is very tough.

Importance of Chinese  

When you plan to do business in any other Asian country, the formalities to complete can be done in English. The documentation procedure is available in English apart from the local language. However, in the case of China, the Chinese language holds a lot of importance. If you can't read a bit of Chinese also, it's very hard to interpret a lot of data and details in China.  

Economic model  

The development plans put forth by the government is revealed to the outside world by all the other countries in China. China remains very much secretive about its plans and it isn't easy to judge the next moves of the government in China. Since the government has a lot of holdover business people, it's very vital to understand the government operation. This is very difficult to crack and you've to follow the news in China very closely to understand this.  

Having a lot of expectations  

There are a lot of expectations when you get to do business in China. But this can't be the case when you're doing business in China. It's expected out of you to not have huge and unreal expectations. Also, don't expect and draft a plan to do business in China, instead, have a record of the facts and figures to do business in China.  

Glocalised products  

You might've heard of the terms globalization and localization. Glocalization is the amalgamation of the two terms, Globalization and Localization. This should be kept in mind while doing business in China. Consumers in China prefer to buy products that've been tuned to meet their needs. Innovation comes into play here.  
These are some of the ways by which you could understand how doing business in China is way different from doing business in any other part of the world. It isn't a herculean task to establish a business in China but there are a lot of procedures that make it look very tedious. Getting a Chinese visa for doing business is quite a long procedure. Once you're done with it, focus on the other nitty-gritty for doing business.