Online casinos are now extremely popular among people around the world. There are various reasons why playing for money has become this popular. One of those reasons are branded slot machines that are drawing the attention of more people. Imagine being a hardcore Gordon Ramsay fan and learning that he has his signature slot at online casinos. That will definitely draw your attention and make you curious.

Branded slots are themed after famous people, bands or other aspects of popular culture. This can include things such as superheroes, celebrities, music, movies and even books.

But what types of branded slot machines are there, and what is yet to come? In this post we will tackle these things and introduce you to the most famous branded slots at the moment.

Have a Go With Free Money

Europeans are very much into gambling. In Finland for instance, players want to get a start at casinos with free money, or ilmainen peliraha as they say. This is actually very clever. After all, why would you want to waste your own money in the beginning, when you are not entirely sure that the casino or the branded slot you've selected are the right ones for you?

How does this free money work then? The casino industry is highly competitive so each company needs to try to lure more players in various ways. One of the most effective ones are different bonuses that let players try out games without risking their own money.

When you see a branded slot that interests you, it's best to play the first rounds with free money from the casino. Finns have learned this and so will you!

Most Popular Branded Slots

Slot machines can take ideas to their themes from basically anything. When the creators of the slots are thinking about the concept, they can start from scratch and build an entire world and story on their own. The easier and much more effective way, however, is to choose a theme from an existing aspect in pop culture.

On the other hand branded slots are not cheap to make. This is because usually collaborations with existing brands can include licensing fees and other types of legal agreements.

Luckily there are many game studios that are packed with money to develop their game portfolios. This brings joy to all players around the world in packages that we call branded slots.

The most popular branded slots of all time are, not in any specific order,

  • Game of Thrones
  • Helloween
  • Jurassic World

The best producers of branded slot machines appear to be NetEnt, Microgaming and Play'n GO. This comes as no surprise, since each of them are gambling industry giants.

Movie Based Slots

Movies are one of the most used themes in branded slots. In addition to Jurassic World that was already mentioned, there are tens of other branded slot machines that you might want to look into. The categories can be basically anything, from a romantic comedy to a horror movie.

Examples of movie based slot machines:

  • Bridesmaids
  • Halloween
  • Basic Instinct

Music Related Slots

When it comes to music related slots, it all kind of started with NetEnt. It was probably the first game studio that released bans themed slot machines, of which Guns N Roses is the most successful one. Others released almost the same time were Motörhead and Jimi Hendrix.

Play'n GO has kept itself busy with band related slots, too. It has released games such as Sabaton and Helloween.

Other Branded Slots

Tv shows have acted as a source of inspiration for branded slot machines also. TV shows have wide audiences all over the world, so creating a slot machine based on them is usually a good way to go.

Here are examples of some of them:

  • The Vikings
  • American Dad
  • Baywatch

The Best Bits of 2021 So Far

When it comes to branded slots this year, so far we've been treated very well. We've seen some super exciting releases from NetEnt and Red Tiger. NetEnt released an awesome tribute to Gordon Ramsay by giving Hell's Kitchen TV-show its own slot machine.

Red Tiger went all in, risking nearly everything but with chances of gaining a lot, by releasing Joe Exotic slot machine. This slot has gained a lot of attention, and not all of it has been purely positive. As you might already know, Joe Exotic is currently serving his time in an US prison for trying to order a murder of his rival, Carol Baskin. Not all were too happy with a convicted man getting his signature slot. On the other hand, hardcore fans of Joe were more than thrilled!

Remember Responsible Gaming

Whether it is a branded slot machine or just a regular one, make sure you remember to play responsibly. This cannot be addressed enough: gambling is always supposed to be just for fun, and you should never try to make a living with it.

The best thing that you can do when starting to play online is to plan a specific and realistic budget. Once you've done that, make sure that you adjust your player account accordingly. Use the responsible gaming tools that all reliable online casinos offer you. With those you can manage your money and time spending efficiently.