It is therefore something that should be embraced and encouraged from the top all the way down to those individuals at the bottom. Of course, there are different ways in which you can communicate with your employees or that they could communicate with each other. Here are some examples:

#1 Hold regular meetings

You could hold regular meetings with your employees rather than just sticking to those individuals that are predominately just beneath you, for instance, your top managers. Holding regular monthly meetings that involve your whole workforce will help bring your employees together as a team and make them feel like they mean something within the vastness of your business enterprise. The meetings would not have to be long but could cover such topics such as order books, what has happened in the past month, and what is expected within the next month.

#2 Place notice boards in populated areas

Placing old-school notice boards in populated areas of your business, such as locker rooms or the staff canteen, could get your notices viewed and read. Where possible, placing notice boards in team locations with information that is specifically relevant to them could be a good idea too.

However, the downside of a notice board is that just because you have taken the time to place a notice on the board, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be read or even seen.

#3 Install a business intranet system

What may be far better, though, is to install a business intranet system and provide every employee access to it by way of a passcode. This will keep the intranet secure and private, which is important as it will contain all of your business, employee, and customer data. A business intranet system, as stated by Simpplr, is far more than just a form of communication from the boss to the worker; it can also provide a far better employee experience by enabling your employees to socialize with one another safely and securely.

#4 Provide employees with company smartphones

Of course, you can supply all of your workers with a company smartphone with which you will be able to contact them regardless of where they happen to be. As with all smartphones, you will have the choice of how you can make contact by texting, emailing, phoning, or video calling. If your business can afford this type of expense, it will also work well with a business intranet system.

Final thoughts

As stated above, communication is key within a business, so it stands to reason that you would actively encourage your employees to reach out and communicate with each other regardless of whether they are working under the same roof or not.

Communication is not just about telling someone else what to do; it can be problem-solving, brainstorming, creative, downloading, learning, and social networking. Every one of these will help your business because it will help your employees grow and expand their knowledge and experiences, as well as stay informed on what is happening within your business.