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Stephen Hawking: Trump could turn our planet into Venus

 article about trump to turn earth into venus
Physicist Stephen Hawking said in an interview with BBC on Sunday that i<>"We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump's action could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees, and raining sulphuric acid." (you can also check DNA's non-scientific prediction for the future world from 2009)

According to Hawking, Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord as well has his tiny-minded thoughts on global warming or climate change in general. Which, of course, is that the concept of global warming is the invention of money-hungry Chinese.

By denying the evidence for climate change, and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump will cause avoidable environmental damage to our beautiful planet, endangering the natural world, for us and our children. -- Stephen Hawking

Hawking's prediction is that humans will have to leave earth within 100 years if things are continuing the same way. And he wasn't just talking about Trump, but also about the development of technology and weapons of mass destruction in general, as well as the ever-increasing number of conflicts.

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trump to turn earth into venus

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trump to turn earth into venus

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