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Artificial Meteor Shower? Sure, just pay $40 000

 article about first artificial meteor shower
2018-03-31 05:17:26
A company in Japan, Astro Live Experience (ALE), is developing technology to create the world's first artificial meteor shower. And the first artificial meteor shower should be seen in spring 2020 over a 200-kilometer area on the sky of the Setouchi Region.

To do that, the company is placing microsattelites 350 kilometers above ground. Those microsatellites will be releasing 15 to 20 multicolored pellets measuring half an inch wide, all of which will burn four to five seconds.

First two satellites are set to launch by December 2018, both carrying up to 400 artificial meteors. Cost of each satellite is around $3 million.

The plan is to send three sets of six-satellite constellations into orbit, so that the artificial showers could be delivered anywhere on Earth.

The cost of each show will most likely be be around $40 000.

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