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I'm a bit of a world traveller. I was born in Wales, U.K., currently live in Sydney, Australia and am making plans to move to the United States, where my fiance lives. Writing is my passion and I've had a love of words from a young age. I have a few novels in progress and love to write poetry. I'm quite often found at http://s7.invisionfree.com/thepen the writing community I run with a few friends. I am, of course, an avid reader, an obsessional Buffy and Angel fan, an animal lover (particularly cats of all sizes).
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Crowe settles with hotel clerk
Russell Crowe has reached an amicable settlement with the New York hotel clerk he was charged with assaulting earlier this year. Crowe allegedly hit Nestor Estrada in the face with a telephone during a late-night altercation in June and was officially charged with one count of second-degree assault. The Oscar winn... continue reading
Newton-John hires P.I.
Olivia Newton-John has reportedly hired a private investigator to track down her missing partner Patrick McDermott, who went missing two months ago. The American cameraman vanished during an overnight fishing expedition off California's San Pedro coastline between June 30 and July 1. Although the boat and all its ... continue reading
Cruise speared on magazine cover
Tom Cruise is about to face his most brutal critical attack yet in a new magazine article about his loyalty to Scientology. A doctored photograph of the actor in his underwear appears on the front cover of Radar, with five arrows appearing to pierce his skin, suggesting the article inside, by investigati... continue reading
Writer sues 'Lost' producers
A writer is suing the network and producers of the TV series Lost, alleging the show's creators stole his idea. Anthony Spinner filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, accusing the TV network ABC and producers Touchstone Television of breach of contract and fraud and is seeking unspecifi... continue reading
Alba will dream of 'Jeannie'
The star of Dark Angel and Sin City, Jessica Alba, has beaten number of other actors in Hollywood to land the coveted lead in the upcoming I Dream of Jeannie movie. Alba, who also appeared in Fantastic Four, will co-star with Jimmy Fallon for the latest in a succession of classic TV series... continue reading
'V for Vendetta' postponed
The release date for the upcoming Natalie Portman film, V for Vendetta, has been postponed.Those responsible for the movie have denied the terrorism themed movie is being delayed because of London's recent bomb attacks - they insist technical difficulties are responsible for the date change. The film, which also s... continue reading
Paris dumps Paris
Paris Hilton has reportedly dumped her fiancé of the same name, after she found out he had neglected to tell his parents that they were engaged to be married. Hilton discovered this after arranging a special engagement party for her family and that of her husband-to-be, Paris Latsis.   Somehow, the ... continue reading
Courtney Love avoids jail
Courtney Love burst into tears after being ordered into rehab for 28 days. The former singer of the band Hole, and ex-wife of Kurt Cobain was told by a Los Angeles judge yesterday she was lucky to avoid jail. Love admitted to the Los Angeles court she had been using drugs in breach of her probation on assaul... continue reading
Ex-AOL worker goes to prison
A former America Online employee, who admitted he became a cyberspace "outlaw" when he sold all 92 million screen names and e-mail addresses to spammers, has been sentenced to one year and three months in prison.Twenty-five-year-old Jason Smathers expressed regret for his actions, saying,  "I know I've d... continue reading
Desperate housewife to marry
Emmy-nominated Desperate Housewives' star Marcia Cross is getting married. Cross' publicist, Heidi Lopata Slan, confirmed the news that businessman Tom Mahoney proposed to the actress last weekend, saything that, "The happy couple have not set a date for the wedding yet."Cross and two co-stars on ABC-TV's popular ... continue reading
Brad & Jen "hire private divorce judge"
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reportedly hired a private divorce judge to preside over the termination of their marriage, because they want to keep the causes of their split a closely guarded secret. The nature of the former couple's approach to their divorce, alongside a revealing interview Aniston has given to ... continue reading
Hilton angers animal rights group
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been attacked by an animal rights group for reportedly dumping her pampered dog Tinkerbell - simply because she grew too big. Tinkerbell is said to have grown past her ideal weight of 3.5 pounds, apparently prompting Hilton to leave the dog with her mother Kathy while ... continue reading
Eminem cancels european tour
  Rapper Eminem has cancelled his forthcoming European tour, blaming exhaustion.    He was due to play ten concerts alongside 50 Cent and D-12 next month in Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. But the tired star has now called off the European dates of his Anger Management 3 t... continue reading
Jackson escapes arrest
Michael Jackson escaped arrest yesterday by sending an attorney to represent him at a hearing for his latest sexual assault lawsuit. He has failed to attend or send a lawyer to two court summonses regarding the case and Us District Judge Eldon Fallon has hit Jackson with a $10,000 fine. Charles Gay, Jackson's lawy... continue reading
Madonna recovering after accident
Madonna is recovering at home after breaking several bones in a horse riding accident on her country estate on Tuesday.   The singer suffered a broken hand, a broken collar bone and three cracked ribs after falling from a horse she had never ridden before, in the grounds of her Ashcombe House estate on Engl... continue reading
No charges over Witherspoon chase
Reese Witherspoon is disappointed because a group of paparazzi who "besieged" her in April, will not face criminal charges of false imprisonment. Witherspoon told Los Angeles police, photographers swarmed around her car as she left the gym and attempted to force her off the road. She also alleged they surrounded her as... continue reading
'The Island' accused of being a copy
DreamWorks and Warner Bros are being sued by the producers of a 1979 film, who claim the Ewan McGregor movie The Island is based on. A lawsuit was filed on Monday, alleging a number of similarities between The Island and Parts: The Clonus Horror - and a number of prominent movie reviewers agree. Bot... continue reading
Ledger to take time off
Heath Ledger says he will take a year off from acting to help when his baby with girlfriend, former Dawson's Creek star Michelle Williams, is born. The couple's first child is due in the autumn, and Ledger - who has been promoting his new movie, The Brother's Grimm - doesn't want to go back to work ... continue reading
Reporter arrested on Pitt's property
A People magazine reporter has been arrested for trespassing on Brad Pitt's Santa Barbara, California home, after he attempted to gatecrash the birthday party of Angelina Jolie's son, Maddox. Jeffrey Neal Weiss, 23, was taken in custody by the actor's security manager - who made a citizen's arrest - and will retur... continue reading
Beatty wins first round in 'Dick Tracy' battle
Warren Beatty has been given the go-ahead to proceed with a lawsuit he filed in May in a battle over the film rights to Dick Tracy. Beatty, who starred in and directed the 1990 movie, plans to make a sequel to the comic book detective film, and has launched a legal battle against Tribune Media Services in order to... continue reading
Roberts may "quit Hollywood"
Julia Roberts has reportedly made her last movie and will quit acting after appearing on Broadway next year so she can spend time with her baby twins. The Oscar winner recently went back to work for the first time after giving birth to Phinnaeus and Hazel last November, appearing in a music video for Dave Matthews. She... continue reading
Jackson interview planned
Michael Jackson has yet to agree to an exclusive post-trial interview, despite reports a weekly magazine is to pay him $2 million to talk. The singer has not been seen in public since he was acquitted of child molestation charges in June. While Jackson was reported to have agreed to speak to the US edition of OK! ... continue reading
Luhrmann to direct Kidman & Crowe
Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman, who are old friends, are hoping to play lovers in an upcoming Baz Luhrmann film. Kidman was disappointed earlier this year when the independent Aussie film Eucalyptus was cancelled, because co-star Crowe was unhappy with the script. However, the actress is hoping to finally share the sc... continue reading
Theron & Townsend to marry
According to reports, Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend will marry at their Malibu, California home this summer. After four years of dating, the couple - who met on the set of 2001 movie - are finally ready to exchange vows. The Oscar-winneing actress has been busy making plans and shopping for a ... continue reading
Elton says Live 8 was "disappointing"
Sir Elton John has slammed last month's star-studded London Live 8 concert, complaining it was a huge disappointment which lacked quality acts and "a sense of occasion". The singer's duet of T-Rex's "Children Of The Revolution" with Pete Doherty was panned by many critics as the worst performance of the day. ... continue reading
Martha Stewart in home confinement
Martha Stewart's home confinement in her New York estate has been extended until the end of the month. She has been confined to her Katonah mansion since March after spending five months in Alderson Prison in West Virginia, following her conviction for lying about a suspicious stock sale. In April, Stewart applied to J... continue reading
Gabor makes miraculous recovery
Zsa Zsa Gabor has made a miraculous recovery from the stroke she suffered last month and is slowly starting to walk again. The 88-year-old actress had been hospitalized since a car crash in Los Angeles in 2002 - but has begun walking with a cane just weeks after undergoing surgery to clear a blocked artery. S... continue reading
'Potter' breaks sales records
'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' has sold an amazing 6.9 million copies in the first 24 hours of it being released. Not only has that broken the record held by the previous book in the series, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', that figure is more than many novels sell in a lifetime.The latest in the ... continue reading
Sandra Bullock gets married
Sandra Bullock has married mechanic and reality TV personality Jesse James at a ranch near Santa Barbara, California.The couple, who met in 2003, wed before seven hundred guests at Folded Hills Ranch in Santa Ynez Valley's wine country. It is the first marriage for the 40-year-old star, and the thir... continue reading
Disneyland turns 50
Disneyland celebrated its 50th anniversary Sunday, with a fireworks and confetti display outside the Sleeping Beauty Castle and televised images of the park's launch in 1955. "Dad's vision called for this, for Disneyland, to be something that could grow more beautiful every year, and it has," said Diane Disne... continue reading
London bombing hunt widens
The hunt for clues for those who recruited, financed and supplied the four suicide bombers who blew up three underground trains and a double-decker bus in London on July 7 has now focused on the men's ties to Pakistan. Prime Minister Tony Blair warned yesterday of the "evil ideology" of Islamic extremists bent on infli... continue reading
Suicide blast in Turkey
Five people have been killed in Turkey, after a minibus taking them to a beach in Kusadasi exploded.The blast is believed to have been caused by a young female suicide bomber. It's suggested that a teenage Turkish girl who had boarded the bus with holidaymakers travelling from the town centre to Lad... continue reading
New 'Harry Potter' released
On Saturday, at one minute past midnight London time, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' hit the shelves in book shops everywhere.After months of hype, and elaborate measures to prevent details of book six of the popular series being leaked to the public, Harry Potter fans poured into stores, snatc... continue reading
J. Fox for stem cell bill
Michael J. Fox has visited Washington, DC, to continue his campaign to lift United States President George W. Bush's restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. Fox, a tireless campaigner who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, spoke at a Capitol Hill news conference, in the hopes that a c... continue reading
Diaz testifies over photos
Cameron Diaz has appeared before a criminal trial, to testify over topless photographs taken of her before she was famous. She described how she entered modelling and went overseas when she was just sixteen-years-old. She told the courtroom, "I had four pictures in my book, and I went to Japan. Didn... continue reading
Pitt has viral meningitis
Brad Pitt has been released from hospital and is recovering at his home in Los Angeles, after being diagnosed with viral meningitis. Pitt checked himself into LA's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday night, upon feeling unwell at an appearance at a motorcycle speedway event in California last weekend. The 4... continue reading
'Potter' mistakenly sold early
A New York shop has accidentally sold a copy of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince prior to the official release date of July 16. Mandy Muldoon and her son Sylum Mastropaolo, nine, saw the sixth book in the Harry Potter series for sale at a pharmacy and bought it immediately. The shop later... continue reading
54 confirmed dead in London
British police say a man injured in last week's London bombings has died in a hospital, leaving the number of fatalities fifty-four. The man, who is currently unidentified, had been injured in the blast on the No. 30 bus in Tavistock Square. The news came as thousands of London commuters stopped in their... continue reading
G8 announce $50 billion aid
Concluding the G8 summit in Scotland, host Tony Blair announced a $50 billion aid deal for Africa, which includes the cancellation of debt to the poorest nations and the "signal" for a new deal on trade. It also involved universal access to AIDS treatment, a commitment to a new peacekeeping force for Africa and a ... continue reading
Bomb blasts in London
A series of terrorist bomb blasts in London has left at least 12 people dead and almost 200 injured.Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was a barbaric terror attack and security experts have pointed the finger at al-Qaeda. An Arabic-language news website reported a group calling itself "Secret Organisation - al-Qaed... continue reading
London wins 2012 Olympics
London has won its bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games for the first time since 1948, and a record third time overall (1908 was the first) after another surprising turn of events in the most competitive bidding in Olympic history. In the end, it was the showdown everyone expected for the right to host the 2012 Game... continue reading
Jolie adopts Ethiopian baby
Angelina Jolie has adopted an Ethiopian baby girl orphaned by AIDS. She will complete the formalities of the adoption yesterday and will name her new daughter Zahara Marley.Jolie, who spends much of her time touring the world as a goodwill ambition for the United Nations, is unwilling to reveal more details b... continue reading
Geldof for Nobel Peace Prize
Sir Bob Geldof has been nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless campaigning to save the African continent.  He has devoted most of the past 20 years to raising awareness of poverty in Africa, which included arranging the Band Aid fundraising single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and the Live Aid ... continue reading
Spielberg awarded Patron of Culture
Director Steven Spielberg has been awarded the illustrious Patron of Culture for 2004 honour by the city of Krakow, Poland - for saving the livelihood of a celebrated pharmacy owner who risked his life to protect Jews throughout the Nazi occupation. The Jewish film-maker was a long-term admirer of Pod Orlem pharma... continue reading
Anti-poverty march in Edinburgh
200,000 people have marched through Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh to demand that the leaders of the world's richest nations act to better the lives of the poorest. The "Make Poverty History" marchers said the world must no longer tolerate the extreme poverty that blights the lives of millions in Africa and ... continue reading
Live 8 rocks the world
After a galaxy of stars rocked the world in the largest live concert ever held, organisers looked to a summit of rich nations to see if people power would change policy on poverty.More than a million people listened to rock and pop musicians at venues across four continents to demand that leaders of the Group of Eight... continue reading
American Idol runner-up marries
Bo Bice, the 29-year-old "American Idol" runner-up, married 24-year-old Caroline Merrin Fisher in an intimate ceremony on June 15 in the couple's hometown of Helena, Alabama.Bice had been keeping the nuptials a secret but slipped in an interview with MTV News on Monday while joking about the difficulty of achievin... continue reading
Affleck and Garner wed
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have wed in a top secret ceremony in the Carribean. They exchanged vows at Parrot Cay resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands.The couple, who began dating last July, have also used the happy occasion to confirm reports the actress is expecting their first child. This is the first marriage... continue reading
Shields slams Cruise's comments
Brooke Shields has spoken out against Tom Cruise's recent rant against psychotherapy and anti-depressant medication on the NBC Today show in America. Cruise lashed out at Shields in an interview last month for condoning the use of drugs she used to help overcome post-partum depression. But Shields is determined to have... continue reading
Law and Frost settle out of court
Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost have finally reached an out of court settlement - nearly two years after they divorced. Law, 32, and fashion designer Frost, 38, have been disagreeing over their divorce settlement since they officially ended their six-year marriage in October 2003, on account of Law's adm... continue reading
Anne Bancroft memorial
Mel Brooks has held a private memorial for his late wife Anne Bancroft at New York's St. James Theater. The actress, most famous for her role in 'The Graduate', died earlier this month after a battle with uterine cancer, at seventy-three-years-old. Around a hundred guests attended the memorial, including sing... continue reading
Tribute to Sir John Mills
A memorial service has been held for Sir John Mills. Richard Attenborough, Judi Dench and Michael Caine joined Mills' family to pay tribute to the accomplished actor at a memorial service held in London yesterday. Mills died at his Buckinghamshire, England home in April following a short illness at ... continue reading
Teenager killed in shark attack
A fourteen-year-old girl has been killed in a shark attack in Florida. Officials say the girl and another teen (who was not injured) were swimming on boogie boards about 100 metres offshore when they noticed a dark shadow in the water. A surfer heard a scream and found the girl in the centre of a bloody circle of water... continue reading
Destiny's Child will split
Destiny's Child have announced that they're splitting after their U.S. tour. The group say that the news was something they had planned even as they were making their fifth and final album. "It's not a coincidence that the album is called Destiny Fulfilled," Beyoncé Knowles revealed.Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Mic... continue reading
Baby girl for Rachel Griffiths
Six Feet Under star Rachel Griffiths and husband, artist Andrew Taylor, have welcomed a new addition to their family. People magazine report that the 36-year-old Australian-born actress, who plays Brenda the TV series, gave birth to a 8 lb. daughter on Thursday in Los Angeles. This is... continue reading
Macpherson separates from partner
Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson and partner Arpad Busson have announced that are separating. The couple, who have two sons, said that "whilst remaining the greatest of friends, we have decided to spend some time apart to consider our future". They said no third party was involved."We have had, and in many ways c... continue reading
Live 8 may be largest broadcast
Live 8 concerts organised by Bob Geldof to raise awareness of African poverty could become the largest global broadcast as they hope to attract more than 3.9 billion viewers.Organisers said they were confident they could beat that figure after attracting 140 television networks around the world to show next week's anti... continue reading
Blanchett reigns queen again
Cate Blanchett will reprise her role as the Virgin Queen in a multi-million dollar sequel to her Oscar-nominated 1998 film Elizabeth.Elizabeth: The Golden Age, will tell the story of the Tudor monarch's tempestuous relationship with Sir Walter Raleigh, suggesting Queen Elizabeth I was infatuated with the adventurer.Bri... continue reading
Six US soldiers die in Iraq
Three females are among the six US marines killed in a suicide attack in Iraq. Most of the thirteen soldiers wounded in subsequent gunfire were also women. The suicide attack in the city of Fallujah was one of the deadliest single attacks on US ground forces. Officials say the troops were returning to their bas... continue reading
Iranian president elected
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the mayor of Tehran, has been elected president of the Islamic republic in their run-off election.Ahmadinejad defeated Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the former two-term president who had won the first round of voting last week and was attempting to appeal to socially moderate and reform-minded vote... continue reading
Cruise clashes with TV host
Tom Cruise is in the news again after an argument with US morning television host Matt Lauer on the NBC Today show, after Lauer brought up the controversy surrounding Cruise's comments about Brooke Shields.Cruise defended his remarks and took exception to Lauer's assertion that some people could benefit ... continue reading
De Niro's nanny jewellery thief
Robert De Niro's child-minder, Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz has been charged with stealing jewellery from the actor and his wife Grace Hightower. The 35-year-old Polish nanny, who has cared for the offspring of some of New York's most famous families, was arrested for allegedly stealing $500,000 worth of jewellery, shoes, ... continue reading
Gibson's stalker sentenced
The man convicted of stalking Mel Gibson has been sentenced to three years in prison yesterday, which is the maximum punishment allowed under Californian law. Zack Sinclair began trying to make contact with Gibson after the release of the star's controversial movie, The Passion of The Christ. Authorities... continue reading
Cruise won't press charges
  Tom Cruise has decided not to take legal action against the pranksters who squirted water in his face at the London premiere of War of the Worlds on Sunday night.   Cruise was angered when water from a fake microphone squirted in his face while conducting interviews on the red carpet. ... continue reading
Sophia Loren honoured in hometown
Sophia Loren has been presented with an honorary citizenship in her of  Pozzuoli (near Naples), Italy. The seventy-year-old beauty returned 'home' for the first time in twenty-two years to receive a school photograph from the 1948-49 school year from her classmates, with the then-teenage actress pos... continue reading
Oprah snubbed in Paris
World famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey was told she could not enter the famous Hermes store in Paris because staff were in a public relations meeting. She intended on shopping there for a gift for close friend, Tina Turner.Hermes management later apologised to Ms Winfrey, but her best frien... continue reading
Jolie in tears over refugee memories
Angelina Jolie broke down in tears in an interview with CNN, while she recalled the first time she watched a child die in a refugee camp. She conducted the interview as part of her International Refugee Day celebrations in Washington DC, where she joined politicians and refugees at Capitol Hill. Jolie confess... continue reading
Aniston caught in false revelations
Jennifer Aniston has been hit with false reports that she disclosed her estranged husband Brad Pitt cheated on her in a magazine interview. This week, articles surfaced in the US reporting that Aniston had told Vanity Fair magazine Pitt had committed infidelity and that she doesn't want to have children. While it'... continue reading
Virus puts credit card users at risk
Last night, Mastercard announced a virus had hit a business that handles Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express card transactions. Today, some Mastercard users will be relieved at the news that the company said just a fraction of almost fourteen million accounts were considered at high risk for possi... continue reading
Presidential run-off vote in Iran
Officials have announced that a moderate cleric will square off against a hard line mayor in Iran's first ever run-off presidential election next week.In the voting, held on Friday, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was in front with 21 percent of the 29 million votes cast. In second place, Mahoum Ahmadinejad held 19 ... continue reading
Siege in Cambodia was revenge attack
Police have reported that the six-hour siege at a Cambodian nursery school, in which a Canadian toddler died, began as an attempt to murder two pupils in a revenge attack by their father's disgruntled former driver. Deputy military police commander Prak Chanthoeun gave details after officers had interrogated four men c... continue reading
Iranian vote ends
Voting in Iran's presidential election has finally ended, after officials extended the hours of the polling stations three times to cope with the heavy turnout.Polling stations in many areas have been busy; Iranian television has shown long queues of people waiting to vote. The clerical establishment has encouraged peo... continue reading
EU in profound crisis as talks collapse
Luxembourg's Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Juncker, whose country holds the European Union, has told a news conference, "Europe is not in a crisis, it is in a profound crisis."  The comments were made after a summit he chaired broke up without agreeing on a budget for 2007-2013. He accused some countries o... continue reading
Iran votes for new president
Polling stations opened in Iran at 9 AM on Friday 17th June, as voting began to elect a new president. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is currently the front-runner, and topped the current opinion polls. The moderate cleric's closest challengers are reformist former education minister Mostafa Moin, 54, and conservative ex-pol... continue reading
Oprah ranked most powerful celebrity
Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has topped the new 2005 Forbes magazine Celebrity 100 list. The annual Forbes list ranks celebrities according to their power, salaries and media presence. Oprah was a clear choice to top the list, as her show is one of the highest rating in the world. She earned $225 million... continue reading
Indonesia reports first human case of bird flu
Indonesia has become the latest Asian nation to record a human case of bird flu. A poultry worker from South Sulawesi has tested positive for the virus that has killed 54 people in Southeast Asia. "One of the blood samples, taken from poultry workers in South Sulawesi in areas that were recently hit by a bird flu ... continue reading
Boy dies in Cambodian school seige
A two-year-old Canadian boy was killed during a school siege in Cambodia yesterday. The child died when he was shot after police stormed the international school in the north-eastern town of Siem Reap. Gunmen had taken a kindergarten class and five teachers hostage. Hotel manager Toby Anderson's two children aged ... continue reading
Yahoo launches fee-based content
Yahoo Inc. has begun testing a new service called Yahoo Search Subscriptions, that indexes fee-based content and makes it searchable. It allows users to view the list of subscription-based sources, the subscribers being offered the possibility to view their content, while the other users can chose to pay the ... continue reading
Suicide bomber kills five
A suicide bomber, disguised as a policeman, entered a heavily guarded Baghdad police academy today and detonated explosives hidden under his uniform. Five people were killed and seven injured in the explosion. The attack apparently targeted the headquarters of the Wolf brigade, a feared commando force attached to the i... continue reading
Debt relief for poorest nations may need more support
As finance ministers from the world's richest nations gathered in London on Friday, Gordon Brown said he believed they could make progress towards "the biggest debt settlement the world has ever seen" in a plan to erase billions of dollars owed by the world's poorest countries to international lenders. In Washington, t... continue reading
Diaz and Timberlake settle with photographers
Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend, singer Justin Timberlake, have reached an undisclosed settlement with two photographers who accused the stars of harassing them. Saul Lazo and Jose Gonzlez allege that the couple threatened and taunted them, before Diaz beat Lazo and took his camera. The attack was caught on camera by an... continue reading
Jackson visits hospital again
Michael Jackson has returned from his most recent emergency hospital visit, after being admitted with acute back pain. He has made five visits to the hospital, the most recent being Sunday, during his four-month child abuse trial, and has made another two since jurors began their deliberations. ... continue reading
Crowe apologises for injuring hotel porter
Russell Crowe has aplogised for throwing a phone at a concierge at the Mercer hotel, admitting that it was the most 'stupid' thing he's ever done on the David Letterman show. He blames his altercation on the 'loneliness' of being away from his wife and young son for the first time. He says he isn't used to it, but that... continue reading
Laughter truly is the best medicine
Scientists have discovered that laughing actually burns calories and may help you lose weight. It's no match for the regular forms of excercise, but laughing out loud for 10-15 minutes a day burns 10-40 calories, the amount in a small piece of chocolate. The study, undertaken on students in Tennessee, US, may be the fi... continue reading
Kidman denies dating French millionaire
Nicole Kidman has denied rumours that she's dating Gucci's French boss, Francois Henri-Pinault. "I don't understand where that came from," Nicole said. "I have worn a Gucci dress and met him at the Met Ball - all of a sudden we were going out. But it's news to me." ... continue reading
Hatton beats Tszyu in world title fight
Britain's Ricky Hatton has won the International Boxing Federation junior welterweight title, beating Russian-born Australian champion Kostya Tszyu. Fighting in front of a sell-out 22,000 crowd in his home city of Manchester, Hatton staged an 11th round stoppage of Tszyu in a thrilling fight, broadcast on television at... continue reading
Britney finds pregnancy empowering
After finally admitting that she was pregnant to the world on her website, Britney Spears has told to People magazine that she is enjoying every minute of her pregnancy. The 23-year-old pop star is due to give birth to her first child in November and confessed that she was suffering from 'horrible' morning sickness. B... continue reading
Jury begin deliberations in Jackson case
Lawyers for Michael Jackson have ended the case with their closing arguments, leaving the eight members of the jury to decide whether he is guilty of child molestation. In their closing argument, the defence showed a video tape of Jackson professing his innocent love of children, explaining that he felt he was misunde... continue reading
Bomb in Pakistan kills 18
At a shrine in Pakistan, at least 18 people were killed and dozens injured, due to a suspected suicide bomber. Thousands of Muslims had gathered to pay homage to the city's patron saint at the shrine in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/ISL115751.htm ... continue reading
Schapelle Corby jailed for 20 years
The Indonesian courts have found 27-year-old Australian woman Schappelle Corby guilty of smuggling marijuana into Bali today. She was sentenced to 20 years in Indonesian prison and fined $10,500 US. The decision caused outrage amongst Corby's emotional friends and family. Australian Prime Minister said he felt sympathy... continue reading
Chilean soldiers rescued in Andes, but many still missing
The Chilean army rescued 112 soldiers who had been missing, from a snowstorm that killed 16 of their comrades. Earlier, over 40 soldiers were feared dead. 29 soldiers have still not been found, and the chances of finding them do not seem to be good, due to extreme weather conditions. The soldiers were on a training exc... continue reading
Kylie on road to recovery after successful surgery
Kylie Minogue is now recovering in hospital at Melbourne, after a successful operation to treat her breast cancer. Following the lumpectomy, Kylie's surgeon said she was "feeling fine". It is believed that as the cancer was detected at an early stage, and is confined to the breast only, that the singer would make a co... continue reading
Stem cell research: major medical breakthrough
In a major medical breakthrough in South Korea, scientists have created the first human cells that are customised to specific patients.It could lead to a cure for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and provide hope for accident victims who are unable to walk.John Gearhart, a stem cell researcher, say... continue reading
Judge rules against King testimony at Jackson trial
Larry King will not be allowed to testify at Michael Jackson's trial, after Judge Rodney Melville said his statements would be irrelevant.King told the judge, without a jury present, that attorney Larry Feldman, who represents the victim's family, told him the accuser's mother was out for money and that she w... continue reading
Photos of Saddam are a violation of human rights
British tabloid newspaper The Sun face legal action after the publication of photographs of Saddam Hussein shown only in his underwear; one of which appeared as front page news. Lawyers representing Saddam plan to sue the newspaper, claiming the pictures are a "violation of human rights and in contr... continue reading
Star Wars breaks box office records
"Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" has become the most successful late night opening in history. After opening to the public in the United States at midnight on Thursday, it took $16 million at the box office, and looks set to challenge "Titanic" as the most profitable movie of all time. Tickets for the fin... continue reading


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