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G8 announce $50 billion aid

 article about G8 announce $50 billion aid

Concluding the G8 summit in Scotland, host Tony Blair announced a $50 billion aid deal for Africa, which includes the cancellation of debt to the poorest nations and the "signal" for a new deal on trade. It also involved universal access to AIDS treatment, a commitment to a new peacekeeping force for Africa and a commitment by African leaders to democracy and good governance.

The British Prime Minister said an additional $3 billion will be rewarded to the Palestinian Authority. He also announced measures to open new dialogue with emerging nations on tackling climate change.

"All of this does not change the world tomorrow. It is a beginning, not an end. And none of it today will match the same ghastly impact of terror. But it has a pride and a hope and humanity at its heart that can lift the shadow of terrorism and light the way to a better future," said Mr. Blair.

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