Sophia Loren has been presented with an honorary citizenship in her of  Pozzuoli (near Naples), Italy. The seventy-year-old beauty returned 'home' for the first time in twenty-two years to receive a school photograph from the 1948-49 school year from her classmates, with the then-teenage actress posing with a book under her arm.

Loren said, "I remember the difficult period of the war, the hours we passed in the railway tunnels to flee the bombings. Thank you, thank you, I don't know if I deserve it."

The Oscar-winner was raised in poverty in Pozzuoli and was forced to flee the town with her family to live in Naples during World War II. Antonio Bassolino, governor of the Campania region, enthuses, "She's Neapolitan, she's never given up her family and her contact with daily life."