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Boy dies in Cambodian school seige

 article about Boy dies in Cambodian school seige

A two-year-old Canadian boy was killed during a school siege in Cambodia yesterday. The child died when he was shot after police stormed the international school in the north-eastern town of Siem Reap.

Gunmen had taken a kindergarten class and five teachers hostage. Hotel manager Toby Anderson's two children aged eight and six escaped the gunmen by hiding in the library. He says the parents still do not know what happened before the Canadian boy died.

"Initially we were told he was shot by one of the gunmen in front of the classmates and later on we were told it was a policeman that was shooting in the classroom," he said.

"But then today again from a western reporter here in Siem Reap says it was from the gunman so that's still unclear - but it looked like it was pretty close."


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