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Diaz and Timberlake settle with photographers

 article about Diaz and Timberlake settle with photographers
Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend, singer Justin Timberlake, have reached an undisclosed settlement with two photographers who accused the stars of harassing them. Saul Lazo and Jose Gonzlez allege that the couple threatened and taunted them, before Diaz beat Lazo and took his camera.

The attack was caught on camera by another tabloid photographer, who sold the pictures to US Weekly magazine.

Diaz handed Lazo's camera over to police after the incident, claiming that she only took it so she could find out who he was. Diaz and Timberlake's publicists said that the photographers had sprung from the bushes to provoke an angry reaction from the pair, while the photographers say they stood ten metres away from the two celebrities and were in fact the ones to suffer emotional and physical abuse.

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