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Crowe apologises for injuring hotel porter

 article about Crowe apologises for injuring hotel porter
Russell Crowe has aplogised for throwing a phone at a concierge at the Mercer hotel, admitting that it was the most 'stupid' thing he's ever done on the David Letterman show.

He blames his altercation on the 'loneliness' of being away from his wife and young son for the first time. He says he isn't used to it, but that his wife Danielle doesn't believe this is any excuse, because millions of husbands and fathers travel on business. Crowe says, "I'm just new at it. Actually, quite frankly, I hope I never get used to it. I don't want to be away from my family like this."

Crowe has been charged with second degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon, and has been ordered to return to court in September.

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