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Gabor makes miraculous recovery

 article about Gabor makes miraculous recovery

Zsa Zsa Gabor has made a miraculous recovery from the stroke she suffered last month and is slowly starting to walk again. The 88-year-old actress had been hospitalized since a car crash in Los Angeles in 2002 - but has begun walking with a cane just weeks after undergoing surgery to clear a blocked artery.

She says, "I feel wonderful. I'm doing the best I can. I'm doing lots of exercises and I'm sure it won't take me long to get back to normal. I had the operation just weeks ago and I'm already feeling much better."

Her husband, said, "I took my wife to the hospital after her hand started shaking. Doctors said the artery was completely closed and she would have suffered a major stroke and died unless they operated immediately. It was a near-death experience. The operation was very dangerous but a complete success. Zsa Zsa's been getting out of the wheelchair and walking around the house and grounds with the use of a cane. She's feeling better than she has in years."

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