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Things that men should avoid doing on the first date
Okay, since I'm done sharing with you the personal views of women when it comes to what men should consider while dating, let me share you now some ideas on what men should avoid doing while dating.

Oh... did I hear some violent reactions coming from great gentlemen out there? Relax guys!!! Calm down! This ... continue reading
Life's lesson from the Three Caterpillars
One afternoon, I saw three healthy caterpillars carefully clinging on the leaves of a very healthy plant. Each of the caterpillars was fiesting on every leaf that they could lay their legs on. I was impressed on how hard they work to survive. The three of them were busy munching the leaves, not leaving a single... continue reading
Top 6 Reasons Why Helping Filipinos in Times of Calamity Is Heart Warming
A week ago, it was unfortunate that some of the provinces in the Eastern-Central-Western Visayas Region of the Philippines were badly damaged by Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as "Typhoon Yolanda". More than 4,000 people died and billions worth of homes, products and sources of livelihood were totally damaged by the sec... continue reading
Filipinos unique way of celebrating Christmas!
The celebration of Christmas season in the Philippines is the most awaited and the happiest event. It is the only season where members of the family, even those living in the farthest land, would come home just to celebrate Christmas with the other members of the family to a place they call Home.
The celebrat... continue reading
Top 3 Reasons Why Recording Your Intimate Moments Is A Bad Idea
Before I start talking about why recording your intimate moments with your special someone is a bad idea, let me ask you first - how many of you have tried recording your precious moments with your special someone? How many of you are still keeping a copy of that video in your cell phone or in your computer? Anyone? Le... continue reading
A woman's way to mend a broken heart
Scenario: The woman is sitting in the corner of the room. She is silently watching through the window, the man that she has been living with all her life, slowly walking down the pathway - walking away from her. She's praying that he'll look back, hoping that he'll consider another chance. But he didn't even give a gla... continue reading
Reasons why I will never be getting a tattoo
Yes, I know what you are thinking, you may be saying, "Who cares if you want to get a tattoo or not?" But, before you make that violent reaction, hold on and stay back and let me share with you my reasons why I won't be getting a tattoo – ever!

Family and Religious influences. Growing up in a conservative and reli... continue reading
Best beaches to visit in the Philippines
Planning for a vacation but can't decide where to go? Why not choose Philippines!

Here are some beaches in the Philippines where you can spend your vacation.

Coron, Palawan
If you are into scuba diving, this is a perfect place to visit.
Forbes Traveler Magazine once listed this beautiful island located in th... continue reading
Protect yourself from online relationship scams
How do you protect yourself from being scammed in an online relationship?

Let's face it, once we are in love, infatuated or mesmerized over someone, we stay focused on the feeling of being in love. We let ourself get involved too much and we do not notice that the man we are falling in love with has a different inte... continue reading
The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is to check my e-mail.

No, I’m lying!

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to check my Facebook to see if I have new messages from friends, relatives and acquaintances. But the usual messages that I get are either “Good morning” or “Good ... continue reading
Women on Jet Ski: The Thrill behind the handle bars
Jet Skiing is a water sport loved by individuals who enjoyed being in the water and who are thrill-seekers. It's more common to men because they are into sports that are more challenging, unique and exciting. We seldom see women behind the handlebars conquering their fear of failing in the sport that is mostly dominate... continue reading
Online relationships - where do they lead?
These days everything seems to be accessible by internet. If you are hungry there's a 24-hour online delivery of your favorite fast food. If you need a new pair of shoes or a dress to be worn for the most awaited Friday night out with friends or boyfriend(s) or if you are looking and dying to have a job, you can easily... continue reading

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