Before I start talking about why recording your intimate moments with your special someone is a bad idea, let me ask you first - how many of you have tried recording your precious moments with your special someone? How many of you are still keeping a copy of that video in your cell phone or in your computer? Anyone? Let's face it... there are some people who may have attempted recording at least one video of their intimacy with their special someone hoping that it will help them keep their relationship stronger and more exciting.

Keeping a remembrance of how you both expressed your love to each other may sound so sweet. And with the use of the latest gadgets such as cell phones, Ipad, digital cameras, recording anything can be as easy as a blink of an eye. In just a few minutes, the evidence of your love to each other is right in front of your eyes. And the good thing about it, you can watch it as frequent as you like. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

But, hold on!!! Before you click that play button, here are some reasons why keeping physical evidences such as pictures and videos may be a bad idea.

Your videos are not safe.
The good thing about our modern technology is that you can easily record and store videos of your intimate moments and you can bring it with you wherever you go. And when you miss each other, you just hit the play button and your loneliness is gone. That is okay, but you have to make sure that you will not lose your phone or else, the next thing you know, your videos are already in social networks such as Facebook and being feasted by thousand of viewers and circulated all over the world. Oh well, you can easily file a complaint to the website administrator but the damage has been done. There's nothing that you can do but to hide your self from friends and relatives who have probably have seen your video.

Some people are actually being paid for sending these kinds of videos to some porn websites. Websites that are keeping these videos are getting richer every time your videos are being viewed, easy money for them, while you are undergoing trauma and shame. These kinds of videos are being circulated all over the world and once they're out, it's difficult to stop it. Now, that is scary.

You can't have your laptop or cell phone all your life.
Gone are the days when we keep our photos in a photo album and videos are usually being kept on video tapes, securely locked in vaults (Okay, I'm exaggerating). These days we keep our photos and videos in our computer or cell phones. It's more convenient, as everyone say. But keeping your intimate moments in your computer or cell phone can be a bad idea for one obvious reason - you can't have your laptop or cell phone all your life. Again, what if your laptop or cell phone is stolen, are you assured that your videos are safe and the person who has your stolen or found your lost belongings will not use your videos in any stupid ways? Always remember, people like making fun of the mistakes made by other people. Sometimes, even honest mistakes can lead to misfortunes. Some day, your laptop will need a repair or an upgrade so you either give it away or throw it in the bin. Of course, I'm sure you are going to delete all your files in your computer and in the Recycle Bin. But then, your deleted files are all stored in your hard drive which can easily be retrieved with the use of specialist file recovery software. So until you are not confident that your files are completely deleted from your computer, prevent yourself from engaging in something that will get you in a big trouble.

Your videos do not guarantee a lasting and loving relationship
I understand that once we are in love, we'll do anything and everything just to make sure that we not only have the trust and love of our loved ones, we also want to keep the relationship for life. We are even tempted to make decisions that we thought would help keep that relationship last - that includes making and keeping a video of our intimacy. Some people say that recording a video of their intimacy is one of their ways to manifest their love, as well as to build their trust to each other. Sounds like their intentions are good. But what if they would not end up with each other some day? Who's going to keep the video? What if their break-up didn't turn out well and one gets upset, is there a guarantee that the video will not be used against another? These may be a silly situation but it's still possiblen, right? Are you ready to face the possibility that your videos will be used against you?

I may not fully understand why there are some people who would record themselves while having sex. I still believe sex is a beautiful way of manifesting our love to our partner. But, is recording the act really necessary? I won't say it's wrong because I believe we always have the freedom to do whatever we think is good for us, but until I am not fully sure that my videos are safe, I am still convinced that recording our intimate moment is unnecessary and a bad idea.