The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is to check my e-mail.

No, I'm lying!

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to check my Facebook to see if I have new messages from friends, relatives and acquaintances. But the usual messages that I get are either "Good morning" or "Good night". But one morning I got a message from a girl friend telling me that she caught her husband sending sweet nothings to his former girlfriend on Facebook. My poor friend broke her heart.

After hearing how she found out about it, the question "What are words or statements that are difficult for men to tell their wife?" just popped up. So I asked some of my most trusted married male friends the question and surprisingly, these answers came out.

I cheated.
A male friend told me that it's difficult to admit to his wife that he once cheated on her by chatting with another woman. Although he was caught chatting and sending sweet messages, he still said that it was a harmless chat between two old friends and he thinks that there is nothing wrong with it. He kept on denying that there is something going on between them. He said he refused to admit it because he doesn't want to ruin their marriage. He expects that there will be a lot of confrontations and questions once his wife finds out about it and she won't believe any of his reasons. So, instead of admitting the mistake, he would explain why the act was made (but still he won't admit that it's a form of cheating) and let the issue die together with the pain felt by his wife. Cheating can either be physical, emotional or virtual.

I'm sorry. It's my fault.
We seldom hear a man admitting his fault and verbally saying "I'm sorry" to his wife. For them admitting their fault would give a chance for women to think that they are wiser, stronger and more superior to men. They also believe that since women are also less forgetful, there's a possibility that they will use their fault against them in the future.

Saying "I love you".
Women can create a hundred ways to say I love you (and would still mean it). But for men, saying these 3 words would sometimes take a lifetime. Men would think that once they dropped these words, lifetime commitment would immediately follow and that scares them off. Sometimes, they are hesitant to say it because they are scared of being rejected and won't be able to get the response that they expected. So instead of saying these words, men would wait for the right time or they would prefer to show it through their actions.

I cry too but silently.
During confrontation or an argument, we seldom or even never see men shed tears. They remain strong with their emotions, and as much as possible, they would try to keep their true emotions for themselves. To most of them, crying is a sign of weakness and defeat. They don't want to be wrongly judged only because they've been seen crying.

When Edward left his wife Jane for another woman, he knew that he can't think of good reasons for leaving her. She has been faithful and devoted wife and a good mother for their children for almost 35 years. But he fell in love with Sara and he needed to leave his family to be with her. But instead of saying to Jane that he's leaving, he just let their situation get worst until Jane decided to give up on him. It's a selfish act, but for him it was a better than telling Jane that the marriage is over.

From a woman's point of view, we still don't understand why a husband would still engage in things that would get him in trouble and why it is difficult for him to be more expressive and direct with his feelings towards his wife. As a woman, we are willing to listen to any explanations, to accept that people make mistakes and to forgive when forgiveness is being asked. All it takes is humility and willingness to change in order to make things work well again.