Okay, since I'm done sharing with you the personal views of women when it comes to what men should consider while dating, let me share you now some ideas on what men should avoid doing while dating.

Oh... did I hear some violent reactions coming from great gentlemen out there? Relax guys!!! Calm down! This is not to treat you like idiots to be reminded of what to do and not to do while dating. This is just to, hmmmm.. how do I say this... this is just to refresh your memory on how to become a true gentleman while dating - but most especially on the first date.

Never stand her up. Be a gentleman. Not showing up on a date is one of the rudest ways of treating a lady on your first date. It would be best to be honest with her than to let her wait - in vain. Your honesty and sincerity of informing her about the date's cancellation will only prove that you are a true gentleman. Don't worry, she'll never hate you for canceling the date, in fact she will remember you being a gentleman.

Don't talk about your ex-girlfriends. Okay, I understand that you are still truly and madly in love with your ex-girlfriend and you still can't get over with her. But for heaven's sake! Don't talking about her while you are with your new date. The word is RESPECT! Respect your date. Focus on both of you. Get to know each other. Who knows, maybe you'll find a lot of things in common which can be a good foundation for a good relationship.

Don't show weakness. Be yourself but don't let her see your weak side. In general, women would want to be with someone who is emotionally strong. They don't want to be with someone who is weaker than them because that would lose their purpose of meeting someone. They want to be with someone who would not only physically protect them, they also want to be with someone who is emotionally reliable.

Bring some cash! Offer to pay. If you asked a lady for a date, be ready to pay for everything. One of the reasons why you should have a good plan of your date is so that you can prepare for some cash to pay for your meals and to buy things you need to buy for your date. Ask for the check and offer to pay first. Don't wait for the girl to offer some cash unless you have a prior agreement that you'll have to pay 50-50. It's also a turn-off for women if the guy doesn't offer to pay for the date, especially if he's the one who asked for it.

Don't brag about yourself, achievements, your family's wealth. Unless you want to be a victim of social climbers or with women who just want to go out with you because of your wealth and the prestige, go on, keep bragging about your million dollar bank account and your flashy cars parked in your million dollar house. Also, if you want to bore your date, this is one way to bore her� talk about how great you are. Chances are this will be your first and your last date.

Don't bring her to a group night out. Especially if it's an all boys night out. Your first date should be the opportunity for both of you to get to know each other, not for the whole gang to meet her. Don't give her the great shock of her life when she sees a group of crazy drunk men who would be possibly flirt around her when you are busy minding your own bottle of beer. If you are capable of protecting her, go on bring her to your male friends gathering. If not, look for a descent place for you to have a nice time to spend. Be sure she knows your plans.

Don't give her false hopes. Okay, once you show that you're a true gentleman, chances are your date will be falling for you. We can't blame her, you are being nice, a good catch to most women. If you don't think she's not the right woman for you, don't give her high hopes. Be nice but don't give her the impression that you romantically liked her right away. Think of ways to let her feel that you only like her as a friend and nothing more than that. Again, it's better to be honest than to deceive her by giving her false hopes.

Don't leave her float on air. It's okay if the date didn't turn out to be a fairy tale love affair. I'm sure she's not naive not to notice that there's nothing to expect. But being a true gentleman, let her feel that she is still a nice person and still deserves a thank you. Don't just ignore her right away as if you didn't spend some hours getting to know her. Be nice, be friendly but at the same be honest with how you feel - that you are better off as friends than lovers.

So, this ends my list of what to avoid while dating, most especially on your first date. You don't have to do everything by the book. Just remember, a true gentleman puts his heart and mind into any situation not only through his words but also through his actions.

And here are some thoughts for your second date.