Yes, I know what you are thinking, you may be saying, "Who cares if you want to get a tattoo or not?" But, before you make that violent reaction, hold on and stay back and let me share with you my reasons why I won't be getting a tattoo – ever!

Family and Religious influences. Growing up in a conservative and religious family, I was taught that having a tattoo will not only displease my family, it will displease God as well. It was my mother who strictly reminded my siblings, most especially my brothers, to never have a tattoo or else they will be disappointed for disobeying them. And being a Christian, we want to please God by doing what we think would please him based on our conscience and the doctrines of our religion.

My real motives. When I was growing up, I would always imagine that I have a tattoo. I would imagine I have a budding rose on my wrist or a small butterfly on the back of my shoulder. I would imagine that I have these tattoos and I would wear some nice blouse to make sure that my back tattoo would be noticed. All these reasons are to just to show off. To let other people know that I am as cool as the other women who have those tattoos on their body. There are many reasons why women get a tattoo, among them is to remember their loved ones. That is sweet, but it still doesn't convince me to have one. I still can't identify my motives to get a tattoo, so until I can figure out my real motives, I will temporarily put it on hold.

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I would be misjudged. Sad to say that other people will judge you based on a your appearance. Some say that women who have tattoos look trashy and without class. They are also misjudged as wild party women, drug dependents or promiscuous. People don't care the relevance of having that tattoo. They would just immediately jump into a conclusion that I am a person who is irresponsible of taking good care of myself and my reputation. Well, others would say that I shouldn't mind what other people would be saying in case I'll get a tattoo but I couldn't help it. I don't want other people staring at me as if I've done a criminal offense.

It's more difficult to be hired and get a good job. Most women would get a job in a bank, hotel, restaurants, hospitals and other office-based companies. Employers would look for women who are physically attractive with no or visible tattoos because having tattoos will create a negative impression to the clients and that would possibly affect the company's image. Of course, the skills of a person are still the basis for an employment but then we also can't neglect that some employers are looking for someone who is best to represent their company who is personally appealing. Sounds biased but it's the truth.

To still look beautiful when I'm old and gray. Some day, when I have gray hair and wrinkled skin, I want to see myself in the mirror with only age spots on it. I think it's more beautiful than looking at a wrinkled tattooed skin. I'm pretty sure that by that time, if ever I have tattoos, they will not look as appealing as they used to be and all what's left for me is regret for getting a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is a personal choice. A lot of women are considering of having it either as a sign of self expression or for sentimental reasons. But, whatever their reasons may be, I do hope that they are getting it for a good reason because once you have it, you will be stuck with it for the rest of your life – unless, you are willing to undergo another excruciating process in removing them, in which they say it's more painful than getting yourself inked. Well, the choice is yours, as for me, I'll stay tattoo-free for the rest of my life. No hassles, no regrets for me for the rest of my life.