Jet Skiing is a water sport loved by individuals who enjoyed being in the water and who are thrill-seekers. It's more common to men because they are into sports that are more challenging, unique and exciting. We seldom see women behind the handlebars conquering their fear of failing in the sport that is mostly dominated and succeeded by men.

But nowadays, women are no longer scared to experience the sport and for some who have tried it, they describe the sport as fun, exhilarating and amusing. It's the fulfillment that they have achieved and the feeling that they have overcome their fear of insecurity and lack of expertise.

At first glance, the Jet Ski may look intimating because of its size and its weight but for women who are into great challenges, it's something intimate that needs to be confronted. The moment she sits and holds the handle bars of the vehicle, excitement grows in her veins and she becomes more competitive and ready to overcome her fears and gets ready to succeed. Some have succeeded and came out of the water fulfilled, but there were some who were just unlucky. Unfortunately, some even lost their life because of an accident.

So for those who want to succeed in this sport, here are some guidelines to ensure your safety:

  • Jet skiing must be strictly done in broad day light. Never try to drive when the sun is about to set. You never know when and where accidents will occur. So to be safe, enjoy the scorching heat of the sun. You will get a little sun burn here and there, but at least you'll get out of the water alive.
  • Know your vehicle very well. Before you hop in and start the engine, know what your vehicle can do and get familiar with its parts and its functions. Be aware that it doesn't have any brakes, so be sure you know how to control your speed. Don't get too excited or over-confident and avoid showing off!
  • You must ALWAYS wear your life jacket when in water. Though it's sometimes uncomfortable to move around if there's a jacket tightly wrapped around your body, for your safety's sake, don't disregard wearing it at all cost. Always remember that life jackets are made and designed to keep you safe, so take advantage of its purpose. Always consult your sport's instructor for the right life jacket that will suit your needs.
  • Be a responsible driver. Never allow extra passengers while driving your jet ski. There are Jet skis designed to carry up to 3 passengers. However, if you are not a professional, and if you can't guarantee the safety of your passengers, don't take the risk. Better safe than sorry.
  • Always be aware of the rules and regulations while doing the sport. Never disregard them. They were created to guide you and not to control your excitement. Maintain and respect the speed limit while jet skiing. I know you love to feel the thrill, the excitement, but if you will jeopardize the safety of other people, it would be best keep your speed limit to what is recommendable to everyone.
  • Stay away from other water crafts or other floating objects. One of the most common causes of accidents is collision with other vehicles or hitting the obstacles most especially during the race. So always stay away from anything that may cause you accidents.

Undeniably, Jet skiing is one of the most exciting water sports that women can also do and succeed in. Women should also do this sport because just like what the men had experienced, it guarantees them fun, fulfilling and exciting experience. But always remember, in any sports that you do, stay responsible for yourself and other people, ensure everyone's safety but also don't forget to have fun.