Scenario: The woman is sitting in the corner of the room. She is silently watching through the window, the man that she has been living with all her life, slowly walking down the pathway - walking away from her. She's praying that he'll look back, hoping that he'll consider another chance. But he didn't even give a glance. As he continues to walk away from the house, she is holding back her tears, but they are slowly falling down her already swollen eyes, just like raindrops in a stormy weather.

She has nowhere to go. She feels alone. She thinks no one would care to listen or even to understand. She just stays in that corner of the room ... slowly letting herself drown in her moment of despair.

Hold on ... too much of this drama. Keep away your hankies because this is not a tragic story. This is actually a list of tips on how to move on after that tear-jerking breakup.

  • Throw away or return everything that he owns. Including the things that he gave you on your anniversaries. I'm sure you still have that dried bouquet of roses that he gave you on your first anniversary. What are you waiting for? Burn it!!! Keeping all those things in your life will just remind you of the happy and unhappy days of your life with him. It will just remind you that once in your life you fell in love with a man, who now I'm sure you are calling a "Jerk." I'm sure you don't want to be reminded of him, right? So, go on ... do what you have to do, girl! Need a match?

  • But if you can't get rid of his things right after the break-up? One reason for that can be that it's still difficult to look at those things without reminiscing the past. Try to place all his things in one container and keep it somewhere that you can't see. And when the time comes that you are strong enough to see those things, start sorting them. Keep the things that are valuable and get rid of those that are useless. Start a garage sale and sell those valuable things. Through this way, you are hitting two birds with one stone. You got rid of his things and at the same time earn a few bucks out of it ... isn't it a brilliant idea?

  • Remind and convince yourself that you don't deserve a man like him. That he is the ugliest boyfriend that you ever had. Find something undesirable about him, like he picked his nose while he eats, he didn't wash hands after a bathroom visit, or you hated when he snored. I'm sure you will find a hundred reasons to hate him after the break-up. Use them to your own advantage. And while thinking about those things, smile and tell yourself "Why was I so stupid for loving such an idiot?"

  • Fix yourself. Get a new hair cut. Have your nails done, shop for new clothes, go to the gym to loose the fat that you gained while you were hibernating. Just keep yourself busy by pampering and loving yourself. A woman who have gone through the same situation have said that "The best revenge that you can do to that jerk is to let him see that you are living an awesome life," and this time - without him. Losing him is not the end of your world, and it should not be. It's actually a way for you to look into yourself and see what you have missed out while loving him.

    Last, but definitely not the least.

  • Be aware of your shortcomings and some factors that might have contributed to the failure of the relationship. Come on, I'm sure it's not all his fault that things didn't work out well, so you must realize and accept your faults and try not to commit the same mistakes in your future relationships. Learn from all these painful experiences and continue moving on.

    Mending a broken heart is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time and courage to accept that no matter how we tried to keep the relationship, it sometimes fails. It's okay to mourn, to feel bad for some time. It's a normal passage that all broken-hearted people have to go through. But remember, the choice is always yours, either to keep yourself in a miserable situation or once again start looking at the bright side of the world.

    Happy recovering! Cheers!