The Revenge Guy
The Revenge Guy used to get pushed around... a lot. Not anymore. And you don't have to be pushed around anymore either.
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Getting Even With The Boss
I want something that will be more than pesky and mere annoyances. Can you help me, Revenge Guy?

I have an issue that seriously needs addressing. I am currently employed by a wine shipping company. However, I am leaving at the end of the week for another job. I started this job on November 1st. On February 1st I be... continue reading
Revenge Guy - Spoons gone bad
Revenge Guy... first off, great website. I just stumbled across it this
afternoon and am glad I did. Here is my situation. A couple of years
ago, my two younger cousins got the best of me at a
family-get-together, Thanksgiving I believe. Anyway, they talked me
into playing a game of "Spoons" with them. I am sure yo... continue reading
Backstabbing Co-workers
Dear R.G.I worked for a small engineering company and about
three weeks ago I was let go through a layoff. My Boss (and company
owner) said it was from work slowing down. That did not quite go over
because work had actually started to pick up and we were all quite
busy. When I pressed him on the issue he gave me al... continue reading
The Revenge Guy: How To Destroy My Ex-Boyfriends car
I need some ideas of what I can do to destroy my ex's car...It was once my car but I lost my license my car got towed and the only way I could get it out was for me to switch the title into his name and get insurace on it..long story short he ended up pawning my car there was nothing I could due to get it out myself...... continue reading
Ex Boyfriend Cheated On Me
Hi,I have an unfaithful (now ex) boyfriend that needs a bit of
a kick in the ass. Myself and the other woman would like to find a way
to have his name, and copies of all his ads in the dating sites, come
up if someone does a search on him. This is what happened...I'd already
gone through the cheating husband scene,... continue reading
Advice From The Revenge Guy
Hey there Revenge Guy, I really want revenge on this
idiot I leant £2,000 to. A few years ago he flirted with me and played
me like a fool to wangle all this money out of me. Let me know any
ideas you have for a little evil revenge - I don't care about the money
now as I have written it off, but the memory niggles ... continue reading
Advice From The Revenge Guy
Ok, I have a mate. he's a good mate who is a laugh to be around and
someone I can rely on if the need arises, but the main problem is -
he's a wuss. He's 17, yet still takes orders from mommy and daddy, he's
afraid of getting on a bus, meaning he can't go anywhere without one of
his parents to drive him. He's a wet... continue reading
Advice From The Revenge Guy
Dear Revenge Guy, I hope you can help me out, I don't know what
to do. I work in McDonald's and I have a problem with one of the swing
managers. He keeps giving me shifts at night and in the early morning
on weekends when people that were hired after me get afternoon shifts
more. I've tried talking to him and he ju... continue reading
Advice From The Revenge Guy
 Revenge Guy,Well I made a foolish decision and signed a contract with a company and handed them over $110.00 I did some research and found out legally if I go back within 5 days I can cancel the contract and take back my money... They refused. The only option now is to get a lawyer and take them to cour... continue reading
Advice From The Revenge Guy
Hello revenge guy,I found your website interesting. Well, I am an indian girl living in Tanzania, and I want to take revenge on my (ex) Chinese male friend. The story is like this: I used to study computers with him; we studied together for three months and we became friends. I didn't care about him in a romantic ... continue reading
Advice from The Revenge Guy
Hi rg,I live in a basement apartment and have a real problem with the guy that lives upstairs. He's an artist and a real a@@hole. He works at night at home, starting around 11pm. He always has friends coming over for a party when he paints. He says it helps him to be inspired. I know it's just so he can party and smoke... continue reading

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