Revenge Guy,

Well I made a foolish decision and signed a contract with a company and handed them over $110.00 I did some research and found out legally if I go back within 5 days I can cancel the contract and take back my money... They refused. The only option now is to get a lawyer and take them to court but that's only gonna cost me more. I wanna get dirty and show them they cant f**k over everyone without gettin f**ked back. They are located in an office space on the 9th floor of a building. I have considered and probably will make numerous calls to various pizza delivery stores with huge orders from "their place of business". Next I have contemplated pushing fart bombs under the door during their business hours, going to their place of business before they open and leave a pile of horse manure and or fish guts all over the carpet and door in front of their office. My last plan of attack was to spray mace, also known as bear spray or pepper spray, into their office during business hours This stuff will make breathing incredibly hard, cause them to cry, and create a burning sensation all over. However I would like some other ideas to get these people back. Hope to hear from you soon.


Why would you want to open yourself up to legal problems from them? If they have ripped you off, they've ripped others off just as successfully. I'd picket their office with a sign and handouts stating what the problem is and how you got ripped off. Have someone call the local TV and radio news stations, maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be a slow news day and you make the 6:00 news. Spend a few hours getting the public attention to your plight will be the best revenge. Plus you just may get your money back!