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Ex Boyfriend Cheated On Me

 article about Ex revenge

I have an unfaithful (now ex) boyfriend that needs a bit of
a kick in the ass. Myself and the other woman would like to find a way
to have his name, and copies of all his ads in the dating sites, come
up if someone does a search on him. This is what happened...I'd already
gone through the cheating husband scene, dumped his ass and moved on.
I've dated several very nice men that never would have cheated, but the
spark wasn't there, so we make much better friends than lovers. I
started dating this looser almost 4 years ago, he knew my history and
how I felt about faithfulness, he swore he would never do anything to
hurt me. I ended up supporting him and his kid for six months while he
was having a job and life crisis (no job, filing for bankruptcy and
surfing porn). He finally got a job, and what I thought was his shit,
together. We have had our ups and downs, but at no time did either of
us split from the relationship (or so I thought).

A month ago
I was with him as he was checking an email from ebay when I noticed all
these emails from another woman, and her address was listed. He didn't
seem to care or thought I wasn't looking. I made a mental note of it
but didn't say anything. While I was away for a class reunion the next
week, he never answered the phone and had his cell off. I started to
suspect something was going on. I did a little homework and searched
the web for this woman's name, found her listed, and a few articles
with her name. I also pulled up her profile and found out about her
that way. I didn't let on that I suspected something, but waited to see
what excuses I would get. They were the lame sort, he was out, the
battery was low and he couldn't find the charger, he must have been
asleep with the phone off. Then I started investigating him, and found
some very interesting things. He has had ads in multiple online dating
sites, including most of the seedier ones. He had a total of 28 screen
names that I know are his, I'm sure more that I didn't find. So I made
copies of all the listings I was sure were his, contacted the other
woman, sent her all the ads and explained who I was, hoping she wasn't
in on the deception. Then I turned around and confronted him with all
of it. He feigned remorse, but the only thing he was sorry about was
getting caught. The other woman emailed back and was ready and willing
to hold him down if I wanted to tattoo a big red A on the appendage of
my choice. We had been through basically the same type of marriage and
ended them for the same reasons, and this jerk was playing us both.

are now looking for a legal but lethal way to put a huge dent in his
online antics, while warning as many women as we can about this jerk.

there a site where we can post his name, screen names and ads where
they will show up if anyone does a web search on his name or screen
names? If not, what would it take to build a site like this? Or, do you
have any other suggestions? I thought about sending it all to his
parents, but that would only hurt them. We need a way to warn other
women and knock his d*** in the dirt at the same time.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Trying to make Lemonade

Hi Trying,

feel sorry for what you went through. While online dating can be a
great time-saver for busy people to meet others, rather than the bar
scene or through friends, it often is used by cheaters to 'get
themselves off'.

While I am unfamiliar with a way to publicize
his screen names, you certainly can contact the services involved and
at least they'll shut down the existing profiles.

To get really
nasty, setting up your own website at a free service is rather simple.
And there you can post everything you want to.

Look at Yahoo
Geocities, or do a Google search for 'free websites'. Once you get one
website online you could easily copy the code into more websites.

Good luck!


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