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 article about Revenge on co-workers
Ok, I have a mate. he's a good mate who is a laugh to be around and
someone I can rely on if the need arises, but the main problem is -
he's a wuss. He's 17, yet still takes orders from mommy and daddy, he's
afraid of getting on a bus, meaning he can't go anywhere without one of
his parents to drive him. He's a wet blanket for anything fun that
isn't playing with a deck of cards or on a computer (always at his

I've tried whipping him into rebellion, as most
teens should have done by now (I've been there and done that >:),
yet he's just a total pussy. he has to have his friends around at all
times, make sure he's home before his sister 'so she can get in the
house' (even though she has her own keys) . He claims to go to the
cinema whenever he wants, but whenever me or any of his friends make
plans, he always has homework or his mom wont let him. Bollocks. I know
his mom (she's our year head at school) and she is really easy going.
He acts like he does other stuff like going bowling but whenever anyone
makes plans with him he blows them off because I think he's just too
scared that people won't like him. I don't want a prank that will
destroy him inside, I just need someone I can have proper fun with,
something to stir him up and maybe make him a little louder.

I don't want to play scrabble on Sunday afternoons the rest of my life....



PS.. I know he isn't gay.....

Hi Ghr,

You can't change a person's motivations. That's going to be for his future girlfriend/wife ... whatever.

And a prank at him will probably ruin the friendship that you have.

But you can take a look at:

and share some of the prank files with your 'wet blanket'.

If he likes his computer so much a lot of the pranks there will scare him but good.

Best wishes,


Dear Revenge Guy,

work at a kennel club in Florida. Me and my two buddies are always in
conflict with other guys in the job even though we're just joking
around. But today they put one of my buddies in a dog cage and closed
him in. There was nothing I could do - there were five of them. What
can me and my two friends do to get them all back individually or


That's a tough request, group revenge is dangerous.

But what I'd do is get your guys together and chip in for a pizza delivery.

the pizza up yourself with some 'special' toppings and have it dropped
off by someone you know for the leader of these guys as a thank you
from an appreciative customer.

They'll love lording the special treatment over you and you'll get your revenge.

Don't worry about them sharing, they won't.

"Donuts refilled with raisins works well too".

Best wishes,


hea rg

need some revenge and lots of it this guy has been bullying me for
years and I can't do anything because of his brothers - they're all in
their twenty's and would kick the shite out of any body who looked
funny at the guy so I need to do something that can't really be traced
back to me please please please give me some idea of what to do

from r

Hi R,

I'd do is watch the guy for places that he hangs out at, then
anonymously call them and say this guy has been stealing from them.
That'll get him some attention.


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