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Backstabbing Co-workers

 article about How to get revenge on co-workers
Dear R.G.

I worked for a small engineering company and about
three weeks ago I was let go through a layoff. My Boss (and company
owner) said it was from work slowing down. That did not quite go over
because work had actually started to pick up and we were all quite
busy. When I pressed him on the issue he gave me all these other lame
reasons too. He told me my performance wasn't up to par (when I had
just received a raise and encouragement that I was doing a great job).
He also told me someone in the office basically ( I'll use my words)
"Stabbed me in the back". I've narrowed down who might have done this
to a couple of co-workers. One of the co-workers was a real bitch and I
know she did not like me. She treated me like crap and always spoke to
me in the most demeaning way possible. I'm not only angry about being
laid off, I'm really P.O.'d about the way it went down with no warning
and all of the lies. This has also put a big financial strain on my
family and has caused tension between the wife and I. I'm a former
Marine and I used to be the tyrannies of evil men, but I'm trying real
hard to be the shepherd, my ideas for revenge would certainly get me in
trouble. I'm looking for a real good dirty trick to get back at the
company and my former co-workers that won't get me in trouble, any



Hi R.H.

I feel for your position. There's nothing worse than back-stabbing co-workers.

I think that some lunch-time ordering is the way to go here.

At lunchtime, place some delivery food orders using the names of the evil co-workers as the people that are placing the order.

can also have flowers delivered to your ex-boss from the back-stabber
to his house. Let him explain to his wife what's going on and why the
love message on the flowers.

Best wishes,


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