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Advice From The Revenge Guy

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Hello revenge guy,

I found your website interesting. Well, I am an indian girl living in Tanzania, and I want to take revenge on my (ex) Chinese male friend. The story is like this: I used to study computers with him; we studied together for three months and we became friends. I didn't care about him in a romantic way, just as friends.

Soon after, I got a job. One day, when he visited me at my office, I discovered that he had ulterior motives. I didn't know that he had paid one of my friends money to help him get me. They both planned to ruin my life! I discovered that he told my friend to call me and tell me to meet him at a designated place where he would eventually plan to rape me. 


Last week, I went to his office to see him, during which time he kissed and fondled me. He videotaped me, but I didn't realize he had done so until I got home. He doesn't know that I know he has me on videotape. He hasn't done anything serious to me yet, but his kissing and touching me, the video tape, and his previous questionable behavior infer something underhanded. I didn't have sex with him, but he knew that I'd always say no. That's why he had planned to rape me. He is very dangerous! He is crazy about me and wants me badly. That's why he used my friend to get me. I am furious! He was very kind at the beginning, but now he has totally changed. I just wanted your advice. How can I get the video tape back from him? I hope you can help me. Thank you.




Hi R,

If I understand correctly, what you want me to do is tell you how you can steal from your "boyfriend" a video tape that he somehow secretly made at the same time he was kissing and fondling you. He wants to rape you, and you are afraid of him. You know that a supposed "friend" of yours helped him to not only meet you but to help him plan his attempt at raping you. Do I have this correct?

Geesh!  If ever there was a time for police intervention, this is it!

Get yourself a pocket tape recorder, hide it on your body and make sure it records well, then talk to this guy and tell him exactly what you told me. Tell him to his face. Don't get angry or upset as you talk with him; cool and rational is what you want. Get him to admit what he's done, what he's planned, who has helped... When you have recorded everything he says, go to the police. Finally, see a lawyer!

Now stop reading and get prepared, you have a lot of work ahead of you. In the meantime, tell that "friend" to get lost.

Ed Note: I understand that 'R' is from a different culture and is learning English, but due to the incomprensibility of her letter, I rewrote and edited it according to my own interpretation so that the readers would understand. I hope it is clear and sensible enough.

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