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Advice From The Revenge Guy

 article about She wants revenge
Dear Revenge Guy,

I hope you can help me out, I don't know what
to do. I work in McDonald's and I have a problem with one of the swing
managers. He keeps giving me shifts at night and in the early morning
on weekends when people that were hired after me get afternoon shifts
more. I've tried talking to him and he just says "That's the way it
goes." My parents don't want to get involved and the other managers
just tell me to talk to him only. What can I do to get rid of this guy
or get some help at the store?


Hi BW,

is hard enough without some jerk making your work life even harder. Put
your request in writing that he give you better shifts and make sure
you send copies to the store manager and whoever is higher up the
management chain than him. Explain your situation clearly and calmly.
If that doesn't work, write a love letter that supposedly comes from
him to you. Drop it in the staff room and watch the s**t fly. If you're
questioned about it say that you never got the letter. The ensuing
embarrassment should be good enough to get him out of the store.


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