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You Make Me
You stand there infuriated with the worldYou love the way the icicles dangleEach morningEach one unique, different sizes, shapesCreated overnight by the sheer randomness of melting snow dripping and freezing from the roofYou are not afraid to change your mindYou call yourself an assholeBut you are one of the nicest peo... continue reading
If You Fall
She couldn't possibly know what she had got herself into. The bad crowd was the one she called her friends. She was baffled at finding herself running from the guy she called her favorite teacher.
However, now she was running from him with a group of psycho vandalistic nutbags. He fell. She couldn't possibly leave hi... continue reading
The Boy in Her Dog House
They all liked her and none were afraid to show it. Alfonso was a prince. He was arrogant and assumed all the girls wanted him. Richard came from a very wealthy family and had his own private yacht. He assumed all the girls wanted him. Danny was the greatest athlete. He could run miles, make touch downs, hit home-runs,... continue reading
A Modern Day Venus
A Modern Day Venus

"Can't I please paint your picture?" He asked, his puppy dog eyes pleading with my cold blue ones. I
shook my head, letting my blond curls tumble down. He was the strange
boy who always sat among the rocks by the creek or among the trees. He
always did appear to be at one with nature. He perche... continue reading
The Bath
I stared at his intense seaweed green eyes. He was purring excitedly
even though he was obviously pissed. He just loved our girl so much and
was so happy to be on her lap, for the moment he seemed to forget he
was soaking wet and it was her fault.
I on the other hand, would not stand for such a thing. I saw him
s... continue reading
HPV; A Life Altering STD
"This all dates back to two years ago when I had unprotected
intercourse with several people. Unfortunately, I did not listen to the
warnings, which most of us don't, and ended up paying the consequences."
If this sounds like something you would do or someone you know, you
might have HPV or be at high risk of getti... continue reading
Of Mice and Marriage
Chris and I have one of those typical TV relationships. We were high school "sweethearts" and got married soon after. The only thing we did not realize was we were not only marrying each other - we were marrying into each other's habits as well.Especially mine...I got about six mice when we moved in together. They got ... continue reading
Envy Green
Jealousy is something encountered every day. It is encountered with girls looking at prettier or more fashionable girls. It is when guys have bigger cars or pay checks. It is a part of our culture. But why?When I was a child, my father would not allow my mother to talk to many of her friends. Through his jealousy,... continue reading
Growing Up
Hi, I am Cathy Walter. I am 19 years old and a freshman at WVU. I am the typical freshman stereotype. I am childish, I run around, I do not always get my work done, I get lost....oh wait, I am the typical stereotype for a freshman in high-school. I avoid drinking much more than the average college freshman. I admit I h... continue reading
Express Yourself!
Whether you love looking at museums to see grotesque sculptures, beautifully painted landscapes of your favorite artists or you never been there in your life, you know what art is. The Fine Arts curriculum haunted you in high school and college. But what is art? Art is everything. Look outside and you will see it is tr... continue reading
Check The Stars!
Warning: These Have Not Been Produced By A Real Psychic: Aries March 21 - April 19 A buddy might try to take advantage of your generousity by showing up at your work and begging freebies. Unless you want to be fired and end up homeless and begging on the streets, talk to your friend and maybe decide whats more imp... continue reading
Wasting Time?
I am a full time college student at WVU. I, unwittingly, registered for 20 credit hours this semester and I am taking a plunge for it. It started out fine; balancing school, homework, friends, sleep, eating, and miscellaneous other things. I thought to myself, This will be easy; after all, I am one o... continue reading
Don't Talk Politics
As with a lot of Americans, I was happy the day George Bush became president. I had high hopes that he would make our country a better place. Along with my friends I applauded and cheered for his great emotional speeches.   But after he took office something happened, suddenly it seemed he was all ... continue reading
In favor of File Sharing
Looking for music on the Internet? Does the site you are looking at say that you can download songs for free? Do you know this site could compromise your position as a law-abiding citizen? Are you ready to get slapped with a criminal record?Under pressure from greedy record companies and grumbling artists, the Recordin... continue reading
What Can I Do With My Time?
"I'm bored," Karen whined, looking at her friends who were dozing on the couch trying to come up with yet another thing to do with their weekend. They already saw all the new movies, knew every episode of "Friends" and "Dawson's Creek" by heart, and were so tired of the same old mall that they were ready to blow the wh... continue reading

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