She couldn't possibly know what she had got herself into. The bad crowd was the one she called her friends. She was baffled at finding herself running from the guy she called her favorite teacher.

However, now she was running from him with a group of psycho vandalistic nutbags. He fell. She couldn't possibly leave him there could she? She stopped.

"You didn't have to help me," he smiled at her as she offered her arm.

"Yes I did," she sighed, blushing.

It was true. She had to stop.

She could not imagine ever being such a person who would not stop. Even though she knew she was in big trouble and could have sprinted away easily, she just was not the kind of person to leave him like that. He was hurt. And he was such a wonderful person. She wondered if he was ashamed of her.

It was her own fault he was chasing them anyway. She had not even tried to stop them, not really anyway. Besides, who else was there to help him? He needed someone, so there she was.

He smiled at her, "You're pretty sweet for a ruffian." She was ashamed but smiled at him. He leaned against her, "I might have trouble walking, will you help me home?" She agreed at once, glad to redeem herself through helping another. Little did she know what was in store.

All she figured was she would help him home, he would have the police come take her away or some other form of punishment and all would be over. She just hoped he would forgive her. His forgiveness was all she hoped for. He gave her much more.

"I am beginning to like this," he smiled at her, as she waited on him hand and foot in his apartment. She came over everyday while he was healing. He asked her to stay.

"But you're my teacher!" she exclaimed, "Isn't that a bit weird? It certainly will look odd to others."

He looked at her charmingly.

"We don't have to tell them." He quickly added, "You're such a good little slave and I am such a messy lad." She did not see where he was getting at.

She is very naive.

He kissed her and told her he never planned on telling on her. He had just wanted to stop her from hanging with the wrong crowd. He was in love with her. She found that hard to believe but he proved it.

He showed her how much he loved her everday for the rest of their lives.

She never hung out with the wrong crowd after that and always helped people when they were fallen. The moral is: Love can happen in the weirdest ways, so give everyone a chance and if you make them fall trying to get you, help them back up. They might love you forever. And that's a good thing.