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Growing Up

 article about childish

Hi, I am Cathy Walter. I am 19 years old and a freshman at WVU. I am the typical freshman stereotype. I am childish, I run around, I do not always get my work done, I get lost....oh wait, I am the typical stereotype for a freshman in high-school. I avoid drinking much more than the average college freshman. I admit I have drunk before, but I did not like the results and so I refuse to do so ever again. I am deathly afraid of smoking and try my best to avoid that. Unfortunately it seems everyone on campus either has a bottle of beer or a cigarette. I feel I am the lone survivor of an alien invasion called adulthood.

My friends have become the people who always say, "Don't do that," or, "That's crazy" or, the most unaccepted by me, "People are staring!" Well, let them stare. It does not faze me any. My imaginary audience always stares at me why should I care if I get a few more stares? The starers would be the ones with nothing better to do than stare at an adult being childish and queer. I may sound bitter and dejected, but I am not. I love my life. I love the people in my life and I love having a good time. I love dancing. I love spinning. I do not care who views my absurdities. I am the girl in the building who is spinning around in circles, dancing to groovy tunes, while everybody else is eating, talking or trying to impress. And yes, I know no one says groovy anymore. That does not bother me. But I am the one those same people yell "Crack kills!" to, as if what they are saying is amusing or interesting. But its all good. After all, I took them from their everyday routine of impressing others into a room full of laughter. If that makes me childish than I am proud of it.

I did not start out so happy, so free. I was the little girl who hardly ate, who would rather be in fantasy than reality. I had few friends and was teased. Maybe my childish behavior now has something to do with a missed youth, but who knows. All I know is my friends may complain about how childish I am, but they are laughing and smiling instead of having their "mature" depressed faces on.

I think children have a lot to teach us. People should just relax. I have grown a lot since childhood and am more responsible, intelligent, blah, blah, blah, but am I happier? Do I make those around me any happier? Is anyone really happier as they become more mature? Should anyone really care about the norms of society? I do not think so, but most would disagree. I see a perfectly good spot to dance at, a song I like is on, so what is the problem with dancing? Another may see a horribly embarrassing moment if one were to be caught dancing alone. Whatever, to each their own.

The bottom line; be whoever you are and don't let anyone tell you differently.

"Normalcy is in the eye of the beholder."

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