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Whether you love looking at museums to see grotesque sculptures, beautifully painted landscapes of your favorite artists or you never been there in your life, you know what art is. The Fine Arts curriculum haunted you in high school and college. But what is art? Art is everything. Look outside and you will see it is true. Art is painting, sculpting, dancing, acting, cooking, thinking, writing, feeling; it is an expression of who you are inside and out. It is a way to express your talents regardless of of what the world says, although thier guidance and acceptance can be crucial to your ability to perform. Art is being yourself.

Some people limit art to those with special talents and skills in a select few categories of art. Painting for example, is one of the most widely recognized and accepted forms of art. Then there are many others listed in a thing called the Creative Arts. That includes sculpting, painting, dancing, theater and not much else. Many writers, cooks and mathematicians are not aware of their wonderful abilities to produce art. Art is beauty, art is creation and expression. Who has the right to call Da Vinci more of an artist than Voltaire or Einstein? Da Vinci was an artist with paint, Voltaire with words and Einstein with numbers. The same goes with genius. Art is the highest form of genius.

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