They all liked her and none were afraid to show it. Alfonso was a prince. He was arrogant and assumed all the girls wanted him. Richard came from a very wealthy family and had his own private yacht. He assumed all the girls wanted him. Danny was the greatest athlete. He could run miles, make touch downs, hit home-runs, score points; he was agile, stamatic and strong. He assumed all the girls wanted him. Adam was the smartest person in his class. He could build a bomb out of kleenex, he knew all the right answers, he had an IQ of at least 170. He assumed all the girls wanted him. Skylar played the guitar and looked good in leather pants, which is an accomplishment for guys. He had the number one record hit, so he assumed all the girls wanted him. They all assumed wrong; she did not like them a bit.

She liked the boy in her dog house.

Yes there was a boy living in her dog house.

One morning she found him, while feeding Amadeus, her furry King Charles. She crawled into his palace doggy hut to renew his supply of Doggy Yum, when she noticed a boy sleeping curled around her pup. He had the most adorable smile and soft hair. Amadeus seemed happy, so she decided not to disturb the two "friends."

As the weeks passed by, she became more and more interested in the boy. She left extra blankets and food and several times noticed him spying in her windows from the tree in her yard. This was very unusual indeed. She soon realized he was the missing neighbor boy who just moved in and was seen by all as odd. He never went to class and few knew him. Those who did said he was freaky or creepy. No one liked him. Well now, she did.

She could not pinpoint what it was about him that she liked. But whatever it was, it fascinated her. She approached him one day while he was poking through her diary that she had "accidently" dropped outside that morning.

"Hi," she spoke intuitively, as he jumped in startled surprise. "I believe that belongs to me," she pointed to her diary, giggling at the random nonsense planted in the pages. "Read page 25, its good," she indicated.

He unwittingly turned to page 25 to find

"Hello boy who lives in my dog house,

What is your name and tell me why you spy in my windows. Aren't your parents worried about you? Aren't you cold or hungry? Tell me why I am fascinated with you."

"My name is James, I like you, my parents could care less and I have endured far worse temps and fasts. I don't know why you are fascinated with me, I hope its a good thing......are you really fascinated?" He longingly looked in her beautiful brown eyes.

"Do you often watch me change?" she asked him. He blushed and did not answer.

She smiled, "Go home," she said. He wanted to kiss her first and asked her if he might. She said he could if he promised to go home, bathe and start going to school on a regular basis. He promised, kissed her and went straight home to keep his favor. Sure enough he was at school and looked very nice. His hair was brushed, he had on new clothes and was actually very smart. There was soon a wide circulation of rumors and blurbs. Everyone knew they were dating. Even the ones who liked her. She did not care. They were all surprised because they all assumed every girl wanted them. They were wrong. This girl only wanted one man.

The one who had lived in her dog house. Now she was in love with the weird guy next door.