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You Make Me

 article about You Make Me

You stand there infuriated with the world
You love the way the icicles dangle
Each morning
Each one unique, different sizes, shapes
Created overnight by the sheer randomness of melting snow dripping and freezing from the roof
You are not afraid to change your mind
You call yourself an asshole
But you are one of the nicest people I've ever met
I sit here writing poetry and staring at the grass
There are people far away dying
To me, they are an abstraction
Mere speculation
You feel for them
You know they are dying
It pisses you off
You would sacrifice yourself for these people that you will never know, never even see
I don't know if I believe in anything strong enough to die for
You make me want to
You make me feel selfish and petty
Why am I wasting my time in school learning Greek and Roman mythology and puppetry, which have little importance in the world
When I could be making an actual difference
Saving people
I don't even watch the news
What do you see in me, I'll never know
You are a mine of information
Interesting historical, cultural facts
I listen to your Spanish, picking out bits of words I know
You have intrigued me, I am infatuated with you beyond understanding
Unexpected feeling beyond sexual lust for your blue eyes and pulling your thick dark hair
There is much more
I have yet to learn the incredible skill of language neccessary to describe this feeling I have

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