A Modern Day Venus

"Can't I please paint your picture?" He asked, his puppy dog eyes pleading with my cold blue ones. I
shook my head, letting my blond curls tumble down. He was the strange
boy who always sat among the rocks by the creek or among the trees. He
always did appear to be at one with nature. He perched on my window,
like a bird.

"You should let your hair down more," he told me with a queer
expression on his face, leaning in towards me. I quickly shut the
window, causing him to tumble backwards. However, with cat-like
balance, he just smiled and climbed away.

He sang to me most mornings. He asked me if he could court me. I
think he was stuck in the Middle Ages or something. I told him so. He
told me he was my knight. I told him I would rather be eaten by a fat
old dragon. He painted me one and left it by my window. I told him I
set it on fire and would do the same to him.

He was waiting for me on my way to school. He gave me a wreath of
flowers. They were blue and violet and purple and yellow wildflowers.
They smelled wonderful. He sang me my favorite song. I decided he was
the man of my dreams. I told him to take a hike. But I wore the wreath.
He couldn't stop smiling all day.

He asked to eat lunch with me. I ate in the library with the librarian discussing art history. He watched me from the bookcase.

One time he asked if he could kiss me. I let him kiss my hand. He
walked around with this goofy look on his face everywhere he went. He
told everyone I let him kiss me.

"Can I take you out?" he asked me one day in front of people. I said he may, if he didn't get any ideas.

He took me out right after school. He was spontanious like that. Or he had been planning it for years. Who knows?

He took me to the woods, where he had set up a picnic. The music of
the birds chirping and the rushing waterfall was perfect. I knew this
was the most romantic moment of my life. He handed me a dress. It was
gorgeous. He told me to wear it. I did. He told me I was a modern day
Venus. I did not know what he meant. But it was ok - he was starting to
look cute. He brushed my hair. The only other person to do that was my
mom when I was ten. I told him he reminded me of her.

No other guy would of known that was a compliment.

We danced. Then we ate and enjoyed our nice picnic. Then he kissed me and we made love. Then he painted my picture.