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HPV; A Life Altering STD

 article about HPV symptom

"This all dates back to two years ago when I had unprotected
intercourse with several people. Unfortunately, I did not listen to the
warnings, which most of us don't, and ended up paying the consequences."

If this sounds like something you would do or someone you know, you
might have HPV or be at high risk of getting it. HPV or Human Papilloma
Virus, "is one of the most common causes of sexually transmitted
infection (STI) in the world," according to the U.S Department of
Health and Services.

Many people get HPV and are not even aware of it, due to symptoms
varying from virtually nonexistent to large cancerous warts. Someone
can transfer them to a sexual partner, without knowing they have. This
happened to a friend of mine.

Like most young women, she wanted to be adventurous and live her
life, rebellious of her parents and friends' warnings. She was so fed
up with hearing about unwanted pregnacies, AIDS, Herpies, Siphilis,
ect. She just wanted to have fun and be loved.

She met the wrong guy.

He was her physical fitness trainer and she developed a girlish
crush on him. Never did she dream he would take advantage of that
crush, turning her life into a living Hell.

After a few weeks of getting to know each other, things heated up,
and they were partying together at his house regularly. He swept her
off her feet time and again. When she found out about the other women
she decided to have nothing more to do with him. Thinking he was no
more than a heart break, she was done.

Until her annual pap smear...

"My physician called and told me that the results showed high risk
pre-cancerous cells and a biopsy was needed to make sure there was no
cancer and so we would know what road to take. I stood there unable to
move and unable to reply with more than two words."

"A few weeks later the biopsy was done, and sure enough, I was
diagnosed with HPV and pre-cancerous cells. The next words the doctor
spoke made me want to faint, I had to have a Loop Electrosurgical
Excision Procedure (LEEP) surgery."

This is a procedure where a wire loop is attached to a machine and
the loop travels around the cervix, burning and pulling out deep
tissue. It does not sound like very much fun, and certainly not
anything people think about while deciding whether this is the right
time for sex or not.

This is my friend's story, and she wants this out in the open for two reason:

"Firstly, I want people with HPV to know they are not alone. Secondly, I want to raise awareness of unprotected sex."

So, if you or a friend is thinking or has had uunprotected sex,
maybe knowing your partner a little better, or preparing for safe sex
would make the aftermath a little less scary.

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