Nicole Marie Stevenson
Hard working individual writing for three online sites. Heartswithsoul,the Cheers, and Vainquer Teens and manage an online group at I've contributed to Mommy Too, CrossRoad and BlackBerrySpeaks. My poetry is on four websites, I have four nomination for Poet OF The Year and three Editor Choice Awards. I do volunteer work for Maximum Glory Productions.
Author articles
As I look at my father I reflectTo a time when he would directMy  sisters & brothers to thinkDream large as he'd wink As I look at my father I regretThe pain in  his eyesAs he  mentions family tiesThe days of use to be's As I look at my father I no longer seeStatues man, smiling all the&nbs... continue reading
Interview with Alice Marie - song writer, formerly television producer and magazine editor.
Alice Marie is from New Jersey,
she's more than a singer/song writer, formerly an English teacher,
magazine editor, and television producer who can relate to various
situations. Her music speaks truth and sheds light on many different
When did you first know you could sing?
knew I wanted to sing when... continue reading
Staying Power!

It is a delight to introduce Makeda Smith, President
and sole owner of Jazzmyne Public Relations. Who definitely knows her
business her client list expands far and wide with some of the top
names in the business. Smith has been instrumental in launching,
establishing and maintaining several highly visible public... continue reading
Breaking Through!
gives me (N.S) extreme pleasure to introduce Gospel Singer Natalie
Wilson (NW) who has proven that she has staying power! From the first
time I met Ms. Wilson she appeared to be a positive individual and
gracious. Seven-time Stellar Award nominees Natalie and SOP's latest
release aptly entitled "The Good Life",... continue reading
Interview with Trailblazer Award winner Donna Hill
It is a true pleasure to introduce Donna Hill who is an established yet humble woman. Three of her novels have been transformed into movies for t.v. Donna Hill ...  She is the first recipient of the Trailblazer Award (2002) for her pioneering work in the literary industry for authors and readers. She is doing so m... continue reading
Fresh Breeze
Fresh Breeze!   It was my pleasure to give the review of this band, Waltz For Venus is a band from Indianapolis.Their music is a form of eclectic, modern rock which offers a verstaile array instruments with/Guitars,Vocals Bass, Drums. They've been together since 2003. I reviewed three of their songs Movie Star... continue reading
Poem: The Perfect Picture Window
The Perfect Picture WindowAs I think back to the yesterdaysA time of our beginningWhen we were so trueNow, those things are pastI began to shed a tearSuddenly my heart stopsFor a moment I'm not hereIn the faze of my rage the window is brokenA million pieces I step on over and overBlood in tears are flowingThe pain ... continue reading
When Ideas Fall into Place
Introduction:  Ms.Rhonda M.  Lawson author of Cheating In The Next Room is determined to stay in publishing, She has been writing since she was a teenager. 1. Where did you get the idea for the book? When I was married, my husband wanted us to write a book together about a man who was caught having an affair... continue reading
If I Were A Novelist
Forbidden love Chapter 1As the summer began to heat up, she turned and walked away almost touching his chest. Her hips swayed back and fourth as she walked towards the kitchen. He followed quickly behind her. She stood in front of the refrigerator and he reached over her opening up the freezer door . She started pullin... continue reading
Inspired Beyond The Job
Valerie McGee author of Insight who wrote a book about a blind woman that witnesses a murder. Ms. McGee talents go beyond her writing career former NYPD opens up and tells her story. Please introduce yourselfI was born and raised in St. Albans (Queens), though I lived in four of the five boroughs in New York City, N... continue reading
Life On TheWeb
Is this your life? Or of someone you know? There are many good points to using the web. You must be aware of the negative ones as well. The computer is a very powerful and instrumental tool used today. You hit to switch on your computer and as your connection begins, you seem to be happy. Computers are the thing of... continue reading
Poem Interpretation: My World
My World Changes So today I woke up happyBy the evening I was confused,By the night I was changedFor a friend talked to me today.She listened with her ears wide openShe will never know how much she means to me,Or how she saved my life today.I thank God for her being in my lifeAs I lay in my bed, I whisper a prayerThat ... continue reading

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