Forbidden love

Chapter 1

As the summer began to heat up, she turned and walked away almost touching his chest. Her hips swayed back and fourth as she walked towards the kitchen. He followed quickly behind her. She stood in front of the refrigerator and he reached over her opening up the freezer door . She started pulling out an ice cube. It was so cold that he dropped the cube. It fell landing right in the middle of her chest.

She let out a silent ahhhhhh! as he looked at her with wanting eyes. Chestnut reflections from his eyes danced off of her wet skin. Todd could not believe this was happening -- it was like forbidden lust. Natasha could not believe that it was happening. She wanted him more than he wanted her. Natasha had a body that most referred to as a brick house. The kind of body that everyone wanted -- men and women. Tonight Todd wanted her more so, than any other women.

Their friendship had lasted for over four years. Tonight or at least lately something was different. Whether it was the heat or the fact that they both actually began to feel for one another. His biceps and firm abbs were so appealing to her that she had to just get a little feel of the forbidden fruit. She paused for a moment to think about their friendship and what would happen if she traveled down this long winding road. Would she be forgiven? Did she appreciate their friendship more than him? If something happened would Todd respect her? All of these things ran through her mind as she blew hot air on his face and leaned in to kiss him. He fell to the floor after he lost his balance. Natasha landed right smack on top of him. Todd couldn't believe it; he never gave it a second thought; he just went along with what happened next. She began to rub his hot sweaty palm with her index finger -- it was some sort of game and it felt good. Than she began to blow on his neck. He grabbed her medium brown hair and kissed her forbidden lips. The scripture came to his mind -- not to be tempted by the things of this world. So he stopped, and she looked up at him. She began to realize it was a mistake. Her being there and putting herself in a compromising position. She began to realize it was not respectful of her to behave in such a manner.

What would you add to the story and how would you end it?

Would you or could you imagine yourself in this situation?