gives me (N.S) extreme pleasure to introduce Gospel Singer Natalie
Wilson (NW) who has proven that she has staying power! From the first
time I met Ms. Wilson she appeared to be a positive individual and
gracious. Seven-time Stellar Award nominees Natalie and SOP's latest
release aptly entitled "The Good Life", is a CD that ministers to the
soul and worth collecting! After the group's debut hit, "Girl
Director", in late 2000 yielded two songs that have already become
modern gospel staples ("Calvary" and "Act Like You Know"), Natalie
reports that "The Good Life" offers up healthy doses of the group's
instantly distinctive and classic sound, as well as growth and changes
that will continue to keep Natalie Wilson & S.O.P. fresh, vibrant,
and innovative.

N.S. How long have you been singing professionally?

NW: I've been singing for over 20 years.

N.S. Has it taken away from your personal life?

No, not at all, in fact it has added to my life tremendously. It has
been a blessing to be able to express my inner voice to minister to God
and His people.

N.S. Do you feel that as a singer you have a responsibility to the youth?

Yes, I think the moment that God gives you a platform as such, you are
responsible to use that influence to encourage others to achieve goals
and move towards their purpose.

N.S. What is the overall message you want to convey to your listeners?

NW: That living a Christian life, is not boring, but it is fulfilling and rewarding to be a child of God.

Your song, "He's On Your Side." from "The Good Life." was awesome, it
really touched my soul. Do you get a lot of positive feedback about
your work?

Definitely, I have received major testimonies about "Liquid Prayers"
and other heart touching songs that have encouraged many people in
their experiences.

N.S. Do you feel your music has changed in any way?

NW: No, but my message increases daily as I experience God in all of His facets.

As a Minster of music do you feel there is an urgency where the
children are concerned... is this one of the reasons you decided to

There is a major concern that I'm unsure we will ever be able to
change, our Hip Hop culture has a great influence over our youth. I
will continue to provide alternatives in my music however, until the
finances become as great in the gospel industry for marketing, I'm
unsure what others changes are necessary.

What would be the advice you would offer to the people who are now
entering the music industry? NW: To stay prayerful and focused with the
right motives.

N.S. Do you have a favorite song, and what makes it so special to you?

"Liquid Prayers" is my favorite song because it is a song of comfort
and assurance that God hears our prayers through our tears.

N.S. What are your upcoming projects?

NW: I'm a little unsure what direction is next for me....I'm still waiting and seeking God.

NW: I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule, it was a pleasure meeting you and continue to walk humbly!