Is this your life? Or of someone you know? There are many good points to using the web. You must be aware of the negative ones as well.

The computer is a very powerful and instrumental tool used today.

You hit to switch on your computer and as your connection begins, you seem to be happy. Computers are the thing of the future and are replacing the TV. Now, you can pretend to be anyone you want to be.

Life on the web has turned into a game of mystery. It is like the new age cloak and Dagger. The web has so much to offer. You can chat, write, email, view,talk and even get helpful hints. Whether you need help with working the computer or beauty tips. It can all be found online.

Music Cmon who can live without Usher, Jessica Simpson and others. You can be among the first to hear their latest single or view their new  video.

Not to mention the movies, hear the soundtracks or see a movie trailer.Watch t.v. programs on the computer.

You can play games whether it be arcade, word games, puzzle, casino, sports or get tips on how to play.

There are so many pop up advertisements that it can make you dizzy. Some are even quite annoying and dont even appeal to you at all.

Now the internet has invented a way for you to put an end to that. Spam control for your mail box. There will be no more intrusive pop ups if you dont want them.

There is the new way of speaking online with only letters abbreviated for e.g. lol means you are laughing, brb short for be right back. They have added profiles and hometowns which you can add pictures or music etc.

However, there is a down side to using the internet: people can retrieve your private information such as finances or social security.

Chatting online with people you believe are the same age as you and they may turn out to be murderers and pedophiles.They enter these chat rooms that are geared for teenagers by speaking the same language as you and lying about their age.

The age of the computer is here as most have long awaited.

You must decide for yourself what is appropriate content for you and to know when to give out your personal information.

There are a lot of people out there logged on to their computer waiting patiently for the next prey. Just like a wolf would wait for a sheep.You have to make up your mind if you are going to be the wolfs next meal.

So please pass this information on to a friend because it might just save their life. As well as prevent them from losing out on their money.