Fresh Breeze!


It was my pleasure to give the review of this band, Waltz For Venus is a band from Indianapolis.Their music is a form of eclectic, modern rock which offers a verstaile array instruments with/Guitars,Vocals Bass, Drums. They've been together since 2003. I reviewed three of their songs Movie Star,I'm Delusion and For My Failures . Waltz For Venus' music was like a refreshing breeze!

Devastation. Celebration is a collection of songs written by Brooks who is the lead vocalist, he writes these songs based on the last 5 years of his life. The band blends well together!

Movie Star a song with the guitars coming through loud and clear a dream of how a woman can make a man feel. He hopes for recognition from her and once he has her by his side he feels he will be complete he is a Star!

I'm Delusion talks of a story of how confused you can get when it comes to love! It is a clear expression of what happens once you are stamped by love!!! Believing with all your being that the person you love is right for you. The soft keys open your mind up to the vision of the writer playing at the piano singing his heart out.

For My Failures through all his incomplete dreams and let downs he is still contemplating his visions of his music while holding on to his relationship. No matter what obstacles are placed in front of us we can get through it if we hold on!

Eclectic, modern rock comes through with flying colors, this band is definitely on it's way! The album mixed by the Grammy-Award-nominated Jeff Anderson. Waltz For Venus evokes emotions that are heard throughout their album.


Jay Brooks, Vocals/Guitars

Aaron O'Maley, Guitars/Vocals

Jonathan Buck, Bass/Vocals

Derek Maish, Drums