My World Changes

So today I woke up happy

By the evening I was confused,

By the night I was changed

For a friend talked to me today.

She listened with her ears wide open

She will never know how much she means to me,

Or how she saved my life today.

I thank God for her being in my life

As I lay in my bed, I whisper a prayer

That the angel will watch over her as she sleeps.

Not to let any fears creep

into her sweet dreams of Dandelions,

Nor disturb her waltz.

I will lay down tonight knowing that God is there

Because He sent me a friend who really cares.

My Truth

My world changes

Everyday I awake to the mere dream of my becoming an

established Poet. Many people have told me I need to be published. That is something I'm working on.

I've gotten the awards and the nominations.Things to concentrate on are writing your own words and placing them on paper according to your thinking.

Writing to be free and able to express myself as I do. One day one of your poems is said to sound like a Hallmark greeting card. Is that bad or good?

One day you're in front of lots of people reading your poetry aloud and receiving applause. The next day someone you think to be your friend says "Poetry. Oh, how hard is that to put a rhyme together?"

You're left standing there with your mouth hanging down to the ground. It felt as though someone pinched you. It hurts a bit that someone you think is your friend feels that your poetry is nothing, that anyone can do it.

When I write, I think about it. I write it down and than go over it again.

Poetry is so much more than people realize it to be. They often give praise to singers, but they don't realize the poetry is the lyrics to the song they love.

Poetry has a way of changing. Just like life changes everyday. All of the different emotions we face each day: happiness, sadness, angry or strife. Poetry helps us deal and come to terms with our situations.


Should a poet write what the people want to hear or what they feel?

At first I felt a little crippled, after what I heard from my friend. Then I realized this is something I love and I feel I am good at. I no longer look for praise from friends. Sometimes they are the ones that can make you change your dreams because they don't approve.

However, most of my poetry is spiritual, but, I do write about other things.

I've written poems about love, separation, divorce, death, motherhood etc. Some topics like suicide are, of course, touchy subjects, but they do need to be addressed.

My poems about spirituality are loved and appreciated.

I dare to be different and write about subjects that are of importance and

concern. I change everyday and now, I'm at the point where I write to help heal, not so much as to be accepted by what others feel I should write about.

I have gotten email from people I don't even know and they have read my

poems. One lady told me my poem just touched her soul.

Then there are people that have read my poems on separation and enjoyed them. Whatever I write about I put my heart into it.

Ode To Be Free

Freedom is my dream. For all the poets out there to be able to write on whatever topic you want!

What you decide to write about must have meaning to it. You want the reader to be able to say "I enjoyed that poem" leave them feeling like the person has experienced what was written.

The poet is a person like myself. You want to explore your subject and leave the reader knowing that they have can relate to what you wrote.

Use things like colors to describe emotions. Red can

mean angry, embarrassment, Green jealousy, envy. purple royalty etc.

Subjects like rainbows, waterfalls and put them together with your feelings. e.g Our love is like the beauty of a Rainbow or Waterfall My tears lost over you are like that of a waterfall.

Ode To Be Free! free to be me Writing about whatever subject I have focused  in on at the moment.

Sharing my experiences through my writings and hoping that someone has truly

gotten something out of it. My world changes everyday and will continue to change. I write not to offend anyone but, to help heal someone going through a situation that I have already encountered.

This way I have gotten my point across and I ensured the reader that everything will be fine. I have dealt with it and I am willing to help them out in order for all of us to grow.

Writing is a way for me to release some stress whether it is a poem, play, song

or article. I have found what has made me feel comfortable. Writing truly relaxes me and I love doing it. This is what  I will do and continue to do. When you decide what you want to do with your life you must be able to enjoy it. Don't let people stop you from change. Change is something that is need and it is proven healthy.

from ch I'm not letting anyone put me in a box and close the lid on my dreams!