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America First Policies to start a $3 million ad campaign for Trump
The election is over and Trump was elected president, but rallies to gain support continue. A pro-Trump group America First Policies is set to start a $3m ad campaign to strengthen the support for the new health care bill that was set to fail the last time around.

According to Washington Post, the group is run by Tr... continue reading
A few unpopular thoughts on equal pay and equality
Equal pay for men and women is a no-brainer. Same goes for people from different races and religions. However...I do have a problem with the activists claiming there's a huge gender pay cap while in reality the issue is far from what it is made out to be. The pay gap is most likely way smaller than you'd see in any off... continue reading
Trump adviser Carter Page was under observation by FBI
According to law enforcement and other U.S. officials, Trump adviser Carter Page was monitored as part of an investigation into potential links between the campaign and Russia.

The FBI had obtained a court order to do that last summer, after they had convinced Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge that ther... continue reading
Study: Smoking is the cause of 10% of deaths worlwide
According to The Global Burden of Diseases report, smoking might be the cause of roughly 10% of all the deaths worldwide. And half of the smoking deaths take place in just four countries - India, China, Russia, and the US.

The report revealed that even today, when there are major anti-smoking campaigns going on all ... continue reading
Scottish Parliament to Back new Independence Vote
Scottish Parliament is expected to back the new independence vote proposed by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The vote will be taking place today at around 5pm.

With the vote Sturgeon is expected to get the legal permission to request U.K. authorities to hold a new independence vote by the time the results... continue reading
The approval rating of Trump sinks to new low
Based on the latest Gallup poll the approval rating of President Trump has sank to 37%, that means the rating has gone down 8% compared to a week earlier when it stood at 45%.

The number of people who disapprove of his job as a President of the United States is 58%.

Former president Barack Obama's usual approval... continue reading
US: New travel ban blocked by federal judges
The new 90-day travel ban on immigration from six countries was blocked this morning by a federal judge in Maryland.

President Trump's wish to ban travel from certain countries got another blow today when a federal judge in Maryland temporarily blocked the immigration ban. However, this shouldn't have been a huge n... continue reading
Congressional Budget Office predicts Trumpcare leaves 24 million people without coverage
According to estimation by CBO, Congressional Budget Office, president Trump's version of the new health-care law will leave more than 24 million people without healthcare coverage, changing the number of uninsured from current 10 percent to 19 percent in a decade. The estimation after the first year is 14 million extr... continue reading
Scotland to seek second referendum?
Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish National Party, said that she will be asking for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence.

The first referendum took place on 18 September 2014. 55.3% People voted against it while 44.7% were in favor of independence.

Now with United Kingdom read... continue reading
Planned Parenthood to be defunded as part of Trump[no]care
Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States, said that the White House wants to defund Planned Parenthood in the health care bill to replace Obamacare. Pence will be meeting with a number of groups opposed to abortion rights later today. The groups have said that they want the language of the new bill clearly s... continue reading
Elon Musk to fix Aussie power problems in 100 days?
Australia has energy crisis and Elon Musk has promised to solve it within 100 days. He intends to do it by using Tesla technology to fix the problem that has caused power blackouts.

Musk made a commitment on Thursday to supply up to 100 megawatt hours of power, and he said in a Twitter conversation with tech billio... continue reading
Attack of an Ax man in Düsseldorf, 7 injured
Düsseldorf, March 9, 2017 - a man ran through Düsseldorf's main train station with an ax, hitting and injuring 7 people before being apprehended by police.

Three of the seven injured are in serious condition.

The attack took place yesterday at around 2:50pm ET.

The attacker, from a nearby city of Wuppertal, w... continue reading
European Parliament votes to require visa from American travellers
European Parliament has voted to end visa-free travel for Americans for a year due to lack of reciprocity.

Right now travellers from the United States can go anywhere in EU without the need for a visa, while EU citizens from countries such as Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Croatia are required to have a visa ... continue reading
135,000 EU nationals apply to live in Britain permanently
Within the last 6 months more than 135,000 EU nationals have applied to live in Britain permanently. Theresa May is pressured by the EU to allow EU citizens to remain in the UK even after Brexit, but as May's government is not too fond of the idea, EU nationals from different countries are taking steps to make sure the... continue reading
Trump's sons business travels and their costs to tax payer
In addition to Trump's wife, Melania Trump's cost of living in New York, which depending on sources, costs up to $300 million per year, there are considerable costs that the American taxpayer needs to take care of related to Trump's sons as well.

Now that Donald Trump's business has been given over to his sons to ru... continue reading
Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves The New Celebrity Apprentice
Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he will be giving up his spot as a host of The New Celebrity Apprentice, the role that he took on to replace Donald Trump.

When Trump left the show as the host, however, he remained on as the executive producer of the show. Independent of being a president, and the executive... continue reading
Bush joins the numerous critics of Trump
George W. Bush, the 43rd president of United States, was quiet for eight years when president Obama was in office. Now, however, with president Trump in power, it took him just four weeks to join the numerous other critics of Trump.

He said in the beginning of this week that "Here’s what I believed when I was presi... continue reading
President Obama preparing to come back to politics
According to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama is getting ready to get back to politics after only a month of being away.

According to Holder, Obama together with a number of other Democrats are focusing on state-level races to try to end trumpism and help Democrats regain control in the Uni... continue reading
Sanders' thoughts on Trump discovering the complexity of health care
President Trump said early this week that he just discovered that health care can be very complicated. Or has he put it, "Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated."

When talking about the remark with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Bernie Sanders said that... continue reading
Scientists organize Rally to Stand Up for Science
Scientists and their supporters rallied on Copley Square, Boston, on Sunday, as part of the Rally to Stand Up for Science, asking Trump's administration to start believing, or actually to simply accept the reality when it comes to topics such as climate change.

"Our colleagues who have been attacked have not been at... continue reading
Bill Gates: We have to build an arsenal of new weapons (and they aren't guns)
When giving a speech at the Munich Security Conference, Bill Gates said that we have to build an arsenal of new weapons. But contrary to the people, and governments, pushing for big arms buys, he says these weapons should be vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics.

While there hasn't been a global deadly pandemic since 19... continue reading
McCain: I hate the press. I hate you, especially
In an interview with NBC's host Chuck Todd McCain said to the host of "Meet the Press" that "I hate the press. I hate you, especially. But the fact is, we need you. We need a free press. We must have it. It’s vital."

McCain's statement came after Donald Trump's tweet about the press. Which was that the press is the ... continue reading
Maltese government proposes new preposterous new media bill
While Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, claims the new bill is "guaranteeing press freedom," to most IT law experts the law is attacking the very basis of internet freedom.

The new proposed bill, Media and Defamation Act, requires all websites to be registered in New Media Register. Failure to do so will be s... continue reading
Tony Blair to urge Britons to rise up in defence of staying in EU
Tony Blair, the former U.K. Prime Minister has announced he will be making a speech today to urge Britons who don't agree with the Brexit plan to rise up and defend what they believe in. He says that a new vote might be warranted.

Some excerpts have been released from the upcoming speech and here's what he will most... continue reading
Women arrested for killing Kim Jong Un's half-brother
Malaysian police has arrested two women for poisoning the half-brother of Kim Jong Un, North Korean dictator. One of the woman carried Vietnamise travel documents and the other one Indonasian passport. Whether they actually are from those countries, isn't hundred percent clear yet.

Kim Jong Nam was known for his gam... continue reading
Canadian study suggests men are weak
A recent study in Canada revealed that heavy snowfall increases heart attack risk for men. And even without going into details, one can make an educated guess why it might be so, especially considering women aren't affected at all by heavy snowfall.

According to the study the chance of getting a heart attack increas... continue reading
Oracle files massive lawsuit against Google
Oracle has been suing Google for different things for ages, mainly it's about Android. They lost their last lawsuit in May where they claimed that Android is using APIs from programming language Java, which is owned by Oracle. The verdict found that millions of lines of Android code used 37 APIs (around 11k lines of co... continue reading
Results of Swedish 6-hour work day experiments are in
Two years ago Sweden started its experiment offering workers the chance to work only six hours a day on full pay.

"During the trial all the staff had more energy. I could see that everybody was happy," said an assistant nurse working at elderly care home. But after the trial ended, she says she's more tired than bef... continue reading
Yesterday it was EPA, not it is time to abolish Department of Education
Betsy DeVos was confirmed as President Trump’s secretary of Education. At the same time a bill was introduced by another Republican to abolish her department entirely.

The bill was written by Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky and if the bill would go through, the Department of Education would be terminated by the end... continue reading
Want to enter USA? Share your Facebook password!
Visitors to US might be required to 'voluntarily' share their social media accounts information.

According to New York Times, visitors to the US might be required to share the passwords of their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, in order to help screen ties to terrorism. While president Trump would... continue reading
Facebook is cracking down on fake news in upcoming elections
Social network Facebook has made agreements with eight media companies in France to fact check Facebook users news articles. The agreement was made ahead of the presidential election in France later this year.

The eight companies are Le Monde, Agence France-Presse (AFP), L’Express, Libération, BFM-TV, Franceinfo, 20... continue reading
97 companies file opposition to Trump's muslim ban
97 companies, including tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, and Twitter, have filed an amicus brief in a Washington state court.

Amicus brief is a legal document filed in appellate court cases by non-litigants who have a strong interest in the subject matter. The briefs are meant to advise the court of ... continue reading
Do Immigrant Doctors Provide Better Care Than U.S. Medical Graduates?
A study published by British Medical Journal shows that patients treated by doctors from foreign medical schools may have better chance of surviving that those treated by doctors graduated from U.S. medical schools. According to the study those patients having a foreign doctor had a 5% lower chance of dying.

The stu... continue reading
Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz wants to abolish EPA
Trump has already had his share of disagreements with the Environmental Protection Agency. Considering his opinion on climate change (you know, there is none, what are you talking about?), it's no wonder that Donald Trump might be sacking many of the climate change staff at the Environmental Protection Agency.

But ... continue reading
Donald Trump plans to cut Dodd-Frank law
Donald Trump is planning to sign yet another executive order, this time to scale back or cut entirely the Dodd-Frank financial-overhaul law. It's part of Obama's financial sector regulatory system that was put in place to give people more financial protection after the financial crisis.

“Americans are going to have ... continue reading
Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook lose Oculus case, has to pay $500 million
A jury, on the case between Facebook and Zenimax Media, has just made a decision and awarded Zenimax $500 million. Wearing a suit to the court didn't seem to help Zuckerberg, as jury still found that the terms of non-disclosure agreement have been violated.

Oculus VR was also found guilty of copyright infringement. ... continue reading
Stranded by Trump? Canada will help
Canada's Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen held a news conference saying that Canada is prepared to offer temporary residency to people stranded by president Trump's immigration ban, which barred entry to U.S. from seven countries with Muslim-majority.

There can be problems on site because of it, considering Canadia... continue reading
ACLU receives record number of donations
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) received a record number of donations over the weekend. According to the organization's Executive Director Anthony Romero they usually receive around four million dollars a year, but tnow they had received more than $24 million from over 350 000 donations. Average person donate... continue reading
France bans unlimited soda refills
France has been on the forefront of environmental thinking for a while now with the ban of free plastic bags as well as many other things. Now they are promoting laws to look after people's health by banner soda refills.

Starting from Jan 27, 2017, restaurants in France are not allowed to offer unlimited soda refil... continue reading

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