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Maltese government proposes new preposterous new media bill

 article about Maltese government proposes new preposterous new media bill
While Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, claims the new bill is "guaranteeing press freedom," to most IT law experts the law is attacking the very basis of internet freedom.

The new proposed bill, Media and Defamation Act, requires all websites to be registered in New Media Register. Failure to do so will be subject to a a fine which can be up to 1000. Considering pretty much each and every website will be required to do that, it sounds pretty much unthinkable.

The proposed law is meant to fight the rise of fake news sites, but as the requirement is for "any web-based news service or other web-based service relating to news or current affairs that operates from Malta or in respect of which editorial decisions are taken in Malta," it means that if you have a small blog and you post something around news, and you haven't registered your website with government, you'll get a fine.

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