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European Parliament votes to require visa from American travellers

 article about European Parliament votes to require visa from American travellers
European Parliament has voted to end visa-free travel for Americans for a year due to lack of reciprocity.

Right now travellers from the United States can go anywhere in EU without the need for a visa, while EU citizens from countries such as Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Croatia are required to have a visa for entering the US.

Because of that the view from Brussels is that "The EU Commission is legally obliged to take measures temporarily reintroducing visa requirements for US citizens, given that Washington still does not grant visa-free access to nationals of five EU countries."

Taking away the visa-free travel option from Americans starting from two months from now is meant to force the US government to come to negotiation table and ideally get visa requirement removed fom aforementioned European countries.

However, most likely the plan to start requiring visa from Americans will be cancelled if the US just says that they intend to harmonise the rules soon.

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