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Do Immigrant Doctors Provide Better Care Than U.S. Medical Graduates?

 article about Do Immigrant Doctors Provide Better Care Than U.S. Medical Graduates?
A study published by British Medical Journal shows that patients treated by doctors from foreign medical schools may have better chance of surviving that those treated by doctors graduated from U.S. medical schools. According to the study those patients having a foreign doctor had a 5% lower chance of dying.

The study was conducted by Yusuke Tsugawa, Anupam B. Jena, Ruth L. Newhouse, E. John Orav, and Ashish K. Jha from Harvard Medical School. They analysed the data of 1.2 million patients in the U.S and found that people with (non US-born) doctor graduated from an international medical school had slightly better chance of survival compared patients under U.S. medical school graduate.

One thing that has to be noted here is the fact that the differences were very small between the two groups and it doesn't mean that if your doctor is a foreigner, you will survive and if local, you'r not.

However, it is some food for thought.

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